Specialization and the guarantee of service


GIL STAUFFER is a Spanish company which was founded in 1905. With more than a hundred years of experience, it is the most acclaimed company in the world of removals both nationally and internationally and boasts a prestigious reputation not just in Spain but also out with.


For more than a century the company’s services have been used by successive generations of clients who continue to place their trust in the security which it position as leader affords.

Always a pioneering company which sought to make itself indispensable in its sector, in the 1950s GIL STAUFFER designed the only vehicle in Spain capable of transporting a single mass of 200 tonnes.

It was also a pioneer in the use of the TECO (Container Express Train) system invented by RENFE (Spanish National Railways) more than 70 years ago. Presently the majority of freight movements within peninsular Spain are by means of this system and all GIL STAUFFER’s branches are equipped with container lorries and lifts capable of handling containers.

The process of establishing branches throughout Spain began in the 50s with the setting up of offices in the principal cities. This development lead to a constant growth and continuous renovation of all sectors of the company such that new sections were created specializing in industrial packaging, transportation of works of art, air freight, storage and distribution of stock, etc.

GIL STAUFFER has been present in the international arena for more than fifty years fetching from and carrying to the farthest reaches of the world either by means of its extensive professional affiliations or as a result of its agreements with the most important international companies which it also solely represents in Spain.


GIL STAUFFER participates actively and regularly in the principal world congresses within its professional ambit, giving the benefit of its experience. In this way it maintains constantly aware of changing nature of the market through exchange of technology and information.

The GIL STAUFFER Group consists of branches spread throughout Spain, and the inauguration of its centres in Brussels, Coimbra, Lisbon, London, Moscow and Parisrespectively, is a sample in the process of international expansion.

The specialist ability of market leader renouned for quality of service has converted GIL STAUFFER into the number one company in its sector.

More than hundred years of expertise in moving