We try to respect our present for a better future for all


GIL STAUFFER is an organization concerned with social welfare, improvement of economic activity and progress, conservation of the environment and, in general, reflection on all those aspects that may imply the legacy of a better world to the next generations. In this way, GIL STAUFFER contemplates within its concerns the following points:

  • Periodic collaborations with institutions and non-governmental organizations, both of an economic type and of providing services without profit too.
  • Commitment of all its staff, partners, suppliers and collaborators in general, to carry out and maintain a policy against corruption and bribery, extending this facet to all plots in which action may contravene this aspect. Corruption and / or misuse of the commercial policy of GIL STAUFFER is a reason for immediate rupture of the relationship and the contract in question, whatever the type.
  • Compliance with national and international laws and regulations in all countries in which the brand can operate.
  • Fiscal responsibility in compliance with current laws and in solidarity with the social and business environment.
  • Defense of legal aspects, respect for privacy and protection of customer data and various partners . This information can be extended in our pages: LEGAL NOTICE and PRIVACY POLICY.
  • Interest in the preservation of the environment: In GIL STAUFFER, renewable and non-polluting energies are used in all possible cases for awareness of the maintenance of the planet, the safeguarding of the environment and the preservation of nature.
  • Purpose of promoting the Spanish sport and culture, as well as in general, of the BRAND SPAIN, trying to realize sponsorship and diverse actions that promote the Spanish cultural heritage around the world.
  • Promotion of social responsibility, to the extent possible, through the dissemination tools available to the organization: Web, blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Respect to human rights in all its aspects, avoiding discrimination and promoting the professional development and talent of its workers.

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