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Charo Álvaro interviewed by Juan Carlos Martin, journalist specialising in franchises and SMEs.

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The Director of Communication and Marketing from GIL STAUFFER, Charo Álvaro has been interviewed by the journalist Juan Carlos Martín Jiménezexpert in the business press and, in particular, the financial sector. franchise.

The confinement established because of the coronavirus disease pandemic has generalised a form of work based on the telework and so this interview has been conducted in the mode of videoconference. In it, Charo Álvaro explains that Gil Stauffer is a very strong and long-lived brand. and which, as in previous crises, will survive the pandemic in all areas of the world economy, so that they will gradually emerge stronger. The secret lies in the cooperation between entrepreneurswhich is what she claims that the franchise system. He also argues that a lot of work will have to be done, but that customers have blind faith in the prestige of its century-old brand and, given that they are now entering the high season in their sector, he believes that their niche market is going to grow considerably in the coming months, as there are many people they have to help with their removals The EU has not yet been able to carry out any of these projects, given the standstill due to the state of alarm in which we have been immersed in the last few weeks. On the other hand, they are boosting their line of furniture and storage rooms and they may also consider franchising in this sense, according to Charo Álvaro in the interview.

Gil Stauffer complies 115 years in 2020 and has delegations throughout Spainincluding the Balearic and Canary Islands. It was in 1993 that they introduced the model of franchiseswhich was then a modern business system and it is quite possible that, along with the quality of servicehas been the secret of its success in recent years.

The interview can be viewed in full in the following media:

From here, our thanks to these supports and, in particular, to Juan Carlos Martínfor its constructive journalistic work in support of businesses which it promotes through the media on a daily basis.

Finally, to more about the issue of franchisewe recommend the book "Franchises, successful businesses"of the Publisher Angels Fortune Editions.

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