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Gil Stauffer Málaga sponsor at the Jábega Awards 2022

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Gil Stauffer, one of the sponsoring companies at the Jábega Awards 2002

The Jábega Association is a cultural association whose objective is the cultural promotion, located in Málaga and Andalusia. This entity aims to promote the modern image of Málaga and Andalusia, awarding those personalities who have taken the Malaga and Andalusian environment to other corners of Spain or the world, in order to make the depth of Malaga's feeling and excellence better known.

Gil Stauffer sponsors the Jábega Awards - Málaga

The aim of the Jábega cultural associationThe focus of these awards is on the pursuit of excellence and the social, cultural and entrepreneurial character of the award winners.

Jábega Awards 2022

Gil Stauffer Málaga sponsors the Jábega Awards - Centre Pompidou by Málaga

The prizes awarded by this association include the celebration of a gala award ceremony and the promotion, with these awards, of different areas that value the Andalusian identity and extol the many values that prevail in Andalusian society. On this occasion, the Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday 28 April at the Centre Pompidou de Málaga.

The prizes are awarded according to the international, national and regional projection of the different winners in the opinion of the Jábega Association. The selection observes the legal criteria of professional and social notoriety that merit the awarding of these prizes, observing criteria of equity, social justice, technological and business innovation, as well as long and profuse personal artistic careers that merit such an award, with the fundamental objective of rewarding Andalusian excellence in the 21st century.

The prize-winners

The jury is made up of the management of the Jábega Association and personalities of recognised prestige, including top-level professionals with a high reputation in the social sphere of Malaga, people who provide a strategic and tactical vision, citizens who represent the value that should be given to personalities who are a reference in the province, as well as personalities who are symbols of social leadership.

In this way, the award winners have passed a series of scrupulous filters, after which there is no doubt that they will be worthy of the awards. All that remains is to wait until the awards ceremony to find out who the lucky winners will be.

Gil Stauffer, sponsoring company

Gil Stauffer Málaga is pleased to be part, through its sponsorship, of this beautiful event in which the culture and the national and international projection of the city of Málaga and the Andalusian environment in which it is integrated are promoted.

We would like to express our congratulations to all award winnersas well as the relevant thanks to the organisation that has made this magnificent event possible.

Gil Stauffer Málaga sponsor at the Jábega Awards 2022 - Poster of the event at Málaga

GIL STAUFFER, your removal company since 1905

Removals company founded in 1905. Currently the largest removal company in Spain, with branches and warehouses throughout the country.

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