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Tips: Checklist before renting or buying a house

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Renting or buying a house? Here's the first dilemma if you're thinking of moving out

When we finally find that home that we really like, after searching and rummaging through the enormous offer that exists in the real estate market, we should not rush without first checking that everything is in order. This way, when we finally move in, we will not encounter any unforeseen problems and we will be able to enjoy our new home to the full.

The first thing you should do in order to make a decision is a checklist

Whether renting or buying, the decision to move home is an important one, and the decision to move is an important one. The purchase of a new house should guarantee you a number of features for perfect comfort.This will avoid certain problems or unwanted incidents. Therefore, unless the owner has warned you in advance of any inconveniences and you have managed to reach an agreement, it is advisable to make sure that everything is in perfect condition before proceeding to the signing.

To make it easier for you to do this review, in this post we provide you with an example of checklist basic that will help you to review this housing ideal before you move in.

What basic aspects should be covered by the checklist?

Take note of these points so that you don't miss any important details:

  • Sanitary facilities:  Check that the toilets, showers and washbasins are working properly. It is important to open the taps to check that the pipes are not clogged, that there are no leaks and that the water runs properly. Also, don't forget to check the WATER TAPS.
  • Electricity and gasBefore choosing the lamps that would look great in that cosy living room, turn off and turn on the lights. switchescheck the plugs and, in general, all the light contacts home. Don't forget the gasIt is important to know the type of supply the house has. Also ask about supply providers and what has been spent in the last few months to get a rough idea of what the cost of your home will be. monthly consumption.
  • MoistureDamp is one of the most common problems in homes. If dampness is not treated and solved correctly, it can be a recurring problem and cause us some problems. Therefore, check the walls and ceilings of the dwelling and, if you find any stains or damp damage, make sure that the owner undertakes to repair the damage in question.
  • FinishesIt is important to know the state in which the walls and floors in case you need to do any kind of work before installing the new furniture. repair or work.
  • Doors and windowsIt is important that the windows to close correctly so that they can act as a cold and noise insulation. In the case of doorsIf you have any questions, don't forget to check that all the knobs function correctly and fit well with the marcos to prevent doors from jamming or other problems that prevent proper insulation.
  • BuildingFinally, it carries out a general overhaul of the building. Find out more about the community expensesIf the property has common areas -such as the gym or swimming pool, if it has them- and start to familiarise yourself with the neighbours. Knowing and maintaining a good relationship with your surroundings will make you feel at home.
  • If you hesitate between several dwellings, adds to the checklists as many aspects as you deem necessary in each case. This will make it easier to choose the best option when buying your new home, because as we have already said, renting or buying a house is something that requires exhaustive meditation in order not to make a mistake when making the final decision.

And, of course, don't forget to plan ahead as well. the move in good time. At GIL STAUFFER we are experts and we will help you throughout the whole process. Contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange a visit to prepare the most suitable quote for your needs. We have been moving homes since 1905. national territory and to international level.

Here we offer you, in addition, other practical tips for buying a house.

Renting or buying a house

Checklist of 50 points to check when renting or buying a house

Section Points to Review
  1. Geographical location (If it is move somewhere in Madridfor example,
    It must be an accessible place for you)
  2. Accessibility and public transport
  3. Nearby services (supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.)
  4. Security and crime in the area
External Aspects
  1. Condition of the façade
  2. Condition of the roof and gutters
  3. Condition of windows and doors
  4. Garden and green areas
Interior Aspects
  1. Condition of walls and ceilings
  2. Condition of the floors
  3. Condition of interior doors and windows
  4. Natural lighting and ventilation
  5. Heating and air-conditioning system
  1. Condition and quality of household appliances
  2. Condition and quality of kitchen furniture
  3. Kitchen layout and size
  4. Gas and/or electricity connection
  1. Condition and quality of toilets
  2. Condition and quality of taps and showers
  3. Water pressure and temperature
  4. Bathroom layout and size
  1. Size and layout of bedrooms
  2. Condition and quality of beds and mattresses
  3. Cabinets and storage space
  4. Natural lighting and ventilation
Common Areas
  1. Condition and quality of the lift (if any)
  2. Condition and quality of green and common areas
  3. Accessibility and security of common areas
Purchase or Rental Conditions
  1. Price and method of payment
  2. Conditions of the purchase or rental contract
  3. Delivery or removal deadlines and dates
  4. Guarantees and deposits
  1. Title deed or lease agreement (Study in the Delegation)
    From the territory to which you you want to move, be BarcelonaMadrid or any
    part of Spain).
  2. Outstanding debts or mortgages
  3. Certificate of habitability
  4. Energy certificate
  1. Swimming pool
  2. Gym
  3. Sauna or jacuzzi
  4. Terrace or balcony

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