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Moving to Málaga can be a great idea

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Moving to Málaga: Here's why moving to Málaga can be a great idea

If you are tempted to move south, here are a few reasons why moving to Málaga may be an excellent option.

Take note of some of the reasons that might help you take the plunge:

"Málaga, great city".. This is the slogan with which this beautiful city sells itself to the world, and there is no shortage of reasons for it to be, as well as being one of the cities with the greatest tourist appeal in Spain, an ideal place to live. Málaga has beaches and mountains, making it the perfect choice for those who are undecided. It is the fifth largest city in Spain and has 568,000 inhabitants and close to one million in its metropolitan area.

Reasons to move to Málaga

  • Climate

The climate is, without a doubt, one of the attractions of this city, and it is that Málaga has one of the Europe's best climates with plenty of sunny days and blue skies. The atmosphere is mild almost all year round, as the surrounding mountain system gives it very mild winters. This is one of the reasons why we can see so many foreigners all year round, as they usually come from cold countries with grey skies and love the weather conditions of our Costa del Sol.

  • Gastronomy

The Mediterranean dietThe city's famous fish and seafood restaurant is internationally renowned. It is characterised by being healthy and seafood. The dogfish, the gazpacho, the sardine omelette, the "casserole", the "gazpacho", the "pescaito" (little fish) and cod fritters are just some of the delicacies of Andalusian cuisine. But what you can't miss under any circumstances is a good espeto on the seashore. The special succulent aroma of these espetos invades the beach and, without a doubt, whets the appetite of anyone nearby.

  • Quality of life

The beach, the mountains, the climate and the relaxed pace, as well as the low prices, are the perfect ingredients for a quality of life which takes place mostly in the street. At any time of the day you can see pedestrians walking everywhere. But it is also a very suitable area for golf, sailing and sailing, windsurfand many other outdoor sports.

  • Friendliness and friendliness of the people

As good Andalusians, the people of Malaga are friendly and friendly as well as fun. In addition, due to the number of foreigners who are attracted by the climate and the Spanish quality of life, there is an atmosphere of multicultural environment. It is beautiful to see how, in its streets and on its beaches, a fusion of races of all colours takes place and conversations in all languages can be heard.

  • Cultural events

Málaga is the setting for a number of cultural events and traditional festivals: The Easter, the Málaga Fair, The Film Festival The numerous concerts, theatres and art galleries make it a place where boredom is hard to come by.

  • Beaches

The Mediterranean Sea bathes its kilometres of beautiful beaches, which can be enjoyed practically all year round. The options near the city of Málaga are varied, so you are spoilt for choice.

  • Leisure and nightlife

Málaga is one of the most vital leisure areas in the world. In addition to its beaches, there are a multitude of activities available. You can walk the historical centre of the city and visit the Larios Streetthe Cathedral in the beautiful Bishop's Squarethe Atazaranas Central Market and other wonders of the centre. It is also very convenient to visit the Gibralfaro Castle and the Alcazabathe Aeronautical Museum of Málagathe Finca de la Concepción Botanical Parkexplore the natural site Mouth of the Guadalhorce Riverthe Pompidou Centre, The Picasso Museum or the Interactive Music Museum. In short, there is plenty to visit, many beaches to swim in and also a multitude of beach bars, restaurants, casinos, discotheques and nightclubs. nightlife for all tastes.

We therefore believe that there are many advantages to be gained by moving to Málaga and hopefully, these reasons will help you make a wise decision. If you finally opt for move to Málagahas a professional company such as GIL STAUFFER to carry out your move. Request your free quote and without compromise.

We also leave you some tips to make moving to another city easier, that will come in handy if you finally decide to move to Málaga.


Moving to Málaga - Port in the city of Málaga
Moving to Málaga - Port of Málaga at dusk


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