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Expatriates In Thailand: The Land Of Smiles.

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If you intend to move to Thailand you should know some interesting details about this country from the Southeast Asia. Its politics, its customs, its history and of course; its conditions for living there as foreigner.

Thailand bordered by Laos y Cambodia at this, Malaysia at south y Burma at west. Formerly its name was Siam but then it was renamed Prathet Thai meaning "country of free people". The English translation of this name is Thailand (land of the Tai) and became the name by which the country is known today.

It is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Its head of state, the king Branch IX, has reigned since 1946. He is the longest-reigning monarch in the world, even surpassing the British Queen. Elizabeth II. It belongs to the Chakri Dynasty of which he is the ninth president. In May 2014, the country was hit by a military coup d'état against the prime minister's government and currently remain in power without losing their loyalty to the crown, something that must be shared by the rest of the citizenry.

Disrespect for the royal family or its image, an offence punishable by 3 to 15 years' imprisonment. If you go to the cinema, for example, before watching the film, you can play the national anthem next to a video of the king. All should stand as a mark of respect. The colour yellow is the quintessential Tai colour that represents the honour of his long monarchy so that in every the king's birthdayMost Thais wear this colour.

Thailand is the 20th most populous country of the worldwith about 70 million inhabitants of which 2.2 are immigrants, which shows that it is a land used to receiving people from many different countries. nationalities. In fact, although the 75% of the ethnic population is taia 13% is china and the 3% malaya. The remainder form small minority groups such as the Mons, Khmeretc.

Its capital and most populous city is Bangkok (Krung ThepThe city of angels) which is the hub of the country both in terms of politics, trade and industry. 

Your official language is the Thai and the religion 95% of the population is the Buddhism.

Thailand boasts of being a country that never was colonised and they are very proud of it. They also experienced a strong and rapid economic growth in a matter of 11 years, from '85 to '96, which has made it a industrialised country and a major exporter. The agriculture, livestock y fishing have always been very important, although in recent years their importance has declined. Nevertheless, they are still a major competitor in the rice exports level world as for many years they were the first exporters of this product. The services sectorespecially in the tourism, has been booming and in recent years has increased its profits considerably.


Consult what international companies have a presence there. Many are looking for executives to run the Asia Pacific. In most of these cases your place of residence would be Bangkok.

But in general the country demands many other professions: accountants, account managers, mortgage analysts, lawyers, etc. specialising in intellectual property, human resources executivesetc.

There are many positions in hospitality and services thanks to the tourism.

Another profession in high demand in the country is that of the English teacher.

Thailand is known in the blogosphere as the country of the online marketing. If you are an expert in  social marketing , ecommerce and you want to launch your start up There it can be a great success. Many have left their works and have thrown themselves into undertake in the digital environment taking up residence there in search of a better quality of life y fine weather.

If you expertise are the sales you can see in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) the demand for sales managers that exists in that area. Not only could you reside in Bankokalso in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta o Manila.


At Thailand there is the Employment of Foreigners Act. Regulates employment only for those who foreigners that have been moved from Madrid or anywhere in the world that have work permit. It is important to follow the rules of this law.

In order to achieve a work The most important thing, in addition to having a work permit, is to have a good level of English. If you also learn Thai can improve your employment opportunities.

If you want to work there for own account you should know that Thailand presents many opportunities investmentin addition to cheap labour and a strategic position very important within Asia. However, you will never own the 100% of your business. The existence of a Thai partner is imperative: he will own the 51% of the company as a foreigner cannot own more than 49%, according to the Thai laws. In the Thailand Migration Office can explain the different requirements and steps to be taken to start a new business there. economic activity.

If your experience is based on international trade in goods local agricultural, architecture, advertising, construction and other professions you should first consult with the Embassy access to these professions before taking the decision to move to there, because there are JOB POSITIONS accessible only to local passport holders.

The country is very protectionist with its national workersIn fact, the rate of unemployment is minimal, 0.56%, not even 1%. If we compare it with neighbouring countries, such as Philippines whose unemployment is around 6%, the figure is ridiculous.

However, it is still a country of great contrasts when we compare the average salary of a foreign university graduate with that of a Thai with work for locals only. The former is around €1800, while the latter is usually no more than €280 per month. In fact, the minimum salary for a foreign worker is €1200 and Thais may not even be paid a salary as such in exchange for its work as their concept of work is more broadly defined and other forms of work may exist. compensation.

If you would like to find out more about the procedures for working in Thailand you can do this through its Embassy in Spain, located in Madrid or in the thai immigration office website.


  • You may well often hear the word "farang". This is what they call the foreigners so you will be able to recognise when they are talking about you.
  • When you are introduced to a Thai and you see him bring his nose close to your face, don't be scared, it's his way of kissThey bring their nose close to your face and sniff it. A habit they share with Brazil oddly enough. In any case, the usual greeting is the "wai": with the hands together at chest or forehead level. The handshake as a greeting is frowned upon.
  • It is often surprising to see the large number of Lady Boys (Kathoey) o transsexuals there is. It's a very normal way of life there, and one to which every foreigners they get used to it. In this respect, Thai society is one of the most tolerant world. Some Lady Boys are famous singers or models.


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