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Corporate Social Responsibility

We try to respect our present for a better future for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility How does Gil Stauffer implement its CSR policy?

GIL STAUFFER is an organisation concerned with social welfare, the improvement of economic activity and progress, the conservation of the environment and, in general, with the reflection on all those aspects that could imply the legacy of a better world for generations to come. In this way, it contemplates within its concerns the following actions:

  • Regular collaborations with institutions and non-governmental organisationsThe aim of the project is to promote the development of the project, both financially and in terms of the provision of non-profit services.
  • Commitment of all its staff, associates, suppliers and collaborators in general, to preserve and maintain a anti-corruption and anti-bribery policyThis is extended to all areas where there may be any action in contravention of this aspect. Corruption and/or the misuse of the commercial policy of GIL STAUFFER is grounds for immediate termination of the relationship and the contract in question, regardless of the type of contract.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations national and international in all countries where the brand may operate.
  • Fiscal responsibility in compliance with the laws in force and in solidarity with the social and business environment.
  • Defence of legal aspects, respect for privacy and data protection of customers and various stakeholders of the brand. You can find more information on our website: LEGAL NOTICE y PRIVACY POLICY.
  • Interest in the preservation of the environment: En GIL STAUFFER renewable and non-polluting energies are used wherever possible to raise awareness of the need to maintain the planet, safeguard the environment and preserve nature.
  • To promote Spanish sport and culture.and, in general, of the Marca EspañaThe Foundation is committed to sponsorship and various actions to promote the Spanish cultural heritage throughout the world.
  • Promotion of social responsibility, as far as possible, through the dissemination tools available to the organisation: website, blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Respect for human rights in all its aspects, avoiding discrimination and promoting the professional development and talent of its employees..
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