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Removals Logistics and distribution.

At Removals GIL STAUFFER we have a department of logistics and distribution which was born as a parallel activity to the area of removals in the companies due to the demand of our customers for other parallel needs within the transport sector.


At Removals GIL STAUFFER there is a department of logistics and distribution which was born as a parallel activity to the area of removals in companies.

The creation of this division was driven by market trends. It was the corporate clients regular users of the specialised services from GIL STAUFFERThe same was true for those who had been repeatedly requesting coverage of other parallel needs in the transport sector.


Thus, through the national network of delegations and of the international correspondentsare offered complete solutions and tailor-made projects that implement programmes of action logistics for the transport of goods.

This involves the development and execution of the set of actions necessary to provide an impeccable service directly to the manufacturer or distributor by placing their products at the private customer's home.

If you wish to apply for free quote for its Logistics ProjectPlease contact us at the following e-mail address:

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