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Removals in Las Palmas with Gil Stauffer: specialists in Removals

Welcome to Gil Stauffer, your reliable partner for removals in Las Palmas.

In this city full of history and beauty, we are proud to offer professional and personalised removal services.

From the emblematic neighbourhood of Vegueta to the sunny beaches of Las Canteras, we understand the essence of Las Palmas.

Rely on our expert team for a hassle-free move, where efficiency meets Las Palmas charm. Your move, our priority.

National and International Removals

Private and corporate removals

✓ Storage and warehousing service

Gil Stauffer Removals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

For Las Palmas Removals request your quote here: Get a personalised quote!


Removals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Removals in Las Palmas or to Las Palmas: Reliable and Professional Moves


From the hustle and bustle of Vegueta Market to the serenity of Doramas Park, our removal services reflect the diversity and charm of Las Palmas.

With Gil Stauffer, your change becomes a stress-free experience, backed by years of experience and a committed team.

Thousands of customers in Las Palmas endorse us. Read our reviews below:

11:34 13 Apr 24
I couldn't be happier. Everything arrived perfectly. They packed very carefully and labelled the boxes perfectly. Hector, the manager, was very attentive to everything. I recommend them 100%, it couldn't have been better.
During the move they broke an armchair, a piece of furniture and several boxes with glassware. After a week they have not given us an answer to the problem. The movers in Gran Canaria are very good but the management of the company in Gran Canaria is very poor.... The incidents leave a lot to be more
dog family dogdog family dog
09:54 20 Jan 24
Marta LPMarta LP
09:39 05 Dec 23
I do not recommend it. They did my move from Madrid to Las Palmas, it took them more than a month and a half to deliver my belongings, they didn't give us a delivery date depending on the container but they said that they were going to deliver my belongings.... It was supposed to arrive at the end of July and I received it at the end of August, they lost several boxes and damaged several more
Chani ValidoChani Valido
16:55 04 Dec 23
And there are many companies but none like gilstaufer, the moving was wonderful, the guys were incredible for the work that I made them do, the truth was very good, thank you very much to the group and that in the south it is very hot.
Via FeliceVia Felice
18:37 30 Nov 23
Very serious and careful.
I had a move and I was very happy...great team, professional, punctual...thanks to Héctor, Abel, Claudio, Tomás and Gabi .
Aylen CastroAylen Castro
22:31 31 May 23
Excellent service, punctual, attentive and careful. Highly recommended.
jonay hafezjonay hafez
20:51 11 May 23
I have recently had two removals practically because I have made use of their furniture storage facilities and they have assembled everything with quality and with a very qualified staff...I have no complaints whatsoever with all the equipment that has been there.... you have been a real professional in my house ...thanks guys because at the time of contacting me I made an insurance of the furniture but with your professionalism and care it would not have been necessary ...a more
Rodrigo IzquierdoRodrigo Izquierdo
18:11 12 Nov 22
Very good service, totally recommendable. The telephone attention and professionalism of the operators in charge of dismantling, moving and reassembling the furniture was impeccable ....
Raquel De los santosRaquel De los santos
10:40 05 Nov 22
My sister recommended me to do the move with them as they had had a very good experience and they were right. Now we are the ones who are going to recommend them. They are magnificent professionals.
Cuba LibreCuba Libre
22:23 04 Nov 22
Very friendly and competent staff. Our transfer from Leipzig to Fuerteventura went smoothly. The communication with the company was easy and the employees clarified all questions. Our container was delivered as agreed.... discussed and the movers were very careful with our furniture and still very fast. Thank you for the great more
Jorge AvellánJorge Avellán
16:18 31 Oct 22
They did a very good move, attention and care with things, I also rented them a storage room at a very good price for some furniture I recommend them.
José Maria FernándezJosé Maria Fernández
19:16 24 Oct 22
Excellent level!!! very friendly and polite workers. They carry out their work with total efficiency. They protect all furniture and delicate objects to the maximum and with the utmost care, in general, making a move easier than it could ever be.... It seems, and almost before you know it, it's all over.thank you!read more

Other services of Gil Stauffer in Las Palmas: Packing, Storage and Assembly of Furniture

We carry out removals to all the districts of Las Palmas and surrounding areas:

  • Vegueta
  • Triana
  • Garden City
  • Alcaravaneras
  • La Isleta
  • Guanarteme
  • San Juan
  • Schamann
  • Sandbanks
  • La Minilla
  • Tafira
  • Los Tarahales
  • Altavista
  • St Catherine's
  • La Paterna
  • El Rincón
  • El Sebadal
  • Loin Los Frailes
  • Seven Palms
  • The Towers
  • And many more

National Removals

Speed and efficiency thanks to our network of branches throughout Spain.

International Removals

Anywhere in the world without any worries for you.

Corporate Removals

Complete office and business relocations with no disruption to your operation

Storage and Warehousing

Safe and suitable storage for your belongings

Do you want to move?

International Association of Movers
FIDI (Federation of International Furniture Removers) Accredited International Mover
International Federation of International Movers
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We make your move easy

Furniture, pictures, electrical appliances, etc. All perfectly disassembled and packed

Dismantling and Packaging

Furniture, pictures, electrical appliances, etc. All perfectly disassembled and packed
Operators specialised in treating your belongings with the utmost care.

Handling and Loading

Operators specialised in treating your belongings with the utmost care.
By land, sea or air, no matter what the destination, we bring it to you.


By land, sea or air, no matter what the destination, we bring it to you.
If necessary, we have warehouses all over Spain to store your belongings.


If necessary, we have warehouses all over Spain to store your belongings.
Our movers unload and deliver the entire move to your new home with the utmost care.

Download and Delivery

Our movers unload and deliver the entire move to your new home with the utmost care.
We unpack all your furniture, assemble it and place it in your new home.

Unpacking and Assembly

We unpack all your furniture, assemble it and place it in your new home.
We offer fully insured removals for your peace of mind
115 years of experience in national and international removals
We count on our specialised, qualified and equipped professionals to carry out your move quickly and safely.
We use the right packaging for your delicate objects, goods and belongings, so that they arrive in perfect condition at your new home.
All required health and safety measures are taken with regard to COVID-19 to ensure that no risk of contagion in your new home
Furniture and storage room service: with 24-hour security and surveillance of your goods
Modern vehicle and truck fleet with state-of-the-art loading and unloading technology
Customer service via our website or by telephone

Aspects to take into account when moving house in Las Palmas: Planning, Security and Efficient Logistics.

From the sun that illuminates the Plaza de Santa Ana to the colonial architecture of Vegueta, every corner of Las Palmas inspires our dedication to your satisfaction.

Let Gil Stauffer guide you on this exciting journey, ensuring a smooth transfer to your new home in Las Palmas.

Private Removals

✓ Removals with lifting platform/crane and forklift truck

✓ Urgent removals

✓ Mini removals and economic removals

✓ Household removals

✓ Local removals

✓ Requesting permits and licences from municipalities

✓ Assembly and dismantling of furniture and equipment

✓ Storage service

✓ Groupage and combined/shared moves

✓ Piano removals

✓ Transport of works of art

✓ Luxury and valuables removals

Removals for Companies

✓ Removals of offices and commercial premises

✓ Removals of industrial buildings

✓ Assembly and dismantling of offices

✓ Office clearance

✓ Assembly and disassembly of hotel rooms

✓ Removals and relocation of workers

✓ Packaging service

✓ Storage of furniture and office furniture

✓ Storage of computer equipment

✓ Storage and safekeeping of archives

✓ Warehousing and logistics

✓ Stock management and control


  • Of course. We do all kinds of removals, from small houses, houses, villas or any kind of house. We have carried out all types of private removals, including several for celebrities 🙂

    No matter how small or large your move is, we have the equipment and the means to make it happen.

  • We are specialised in large volume removals, office removals, transport of works of art, hotel removals, transport of goods, etc.

    We also have a furniture repository in each branch where you can store any type of goods that need to be stored:

    • Office or computer equipment
    • Documentation and archives
    • Office furniture
    • Hotel furniture
    • Restaurant furniture

    Whatever you can imagine, we can move it and store it.

  • The moving service may include packing and crating of all items to be moved, transportation of the items, unloading and placement of the items in the new home, uninstallation and reinstallation of appliances, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, recycling of packing materials, and a complete cleaning service of the spaces.

    Each quotation details all contracted coverages.

    With our removal service you don't have to worry about things like:

    • Dismantling and assembly of furniture
    • Requesting permits from municipalities
    • Storage of your goods and belongings in a furniture repository
    • Customs formalities
    • Dismantling and packaging
    • Transport of furniture and household goods

    And all this at the best price while still covering your needs, with all the guarantees of a company that has been in business for more than 115 years.

    To this end, we have:

    • Large fleet of vehicles
    • Lifting machines
    • Lift crane
    • Crane for furniture
    • Good value for money
    • Our furniture storage service
    • Excellent customer service
    • Specialised staff
  • The price for a removal in Spain depends on several factors, such as the size of the removal, the distance to be covered, the number of transports needed, the type of vehicle, the number of employees needed and others. We recommend you to ask us for an estimate to tell you the best price for your case.

  • Moving insurance covers damage to your belongings during the move. This includes property damage, loss of items, and any other type of damage that may occur during the move. Moving insurance can also cover the replacement cost of damaged or lost items. At Gil Stauffer, all our actions are carried out in compliance with all the regulations and by means of a civil liability insurance. You can check the conditions and coverage with us.

    1. Budgeting: determine your budget for the move and the associated costs.
    2. Plan ahead: good planning is the key to a successful move.
    3. Hire a removal company: hire a professional moving company like Gil Stauffer to take care of all the details.
    4. Pack up all your stuff: pack all your things carefully to avoid damage during transport. We have a packing service for these cases.
    5. Temporary storage: find a place to temporarily store your things if the date of your move does not coincide with the date of your new home. At Gil Stauffer we have a furniture storage service for these cases.
    6. Establish new connections: establish new connections for electricity, gas, water, telephone and internet before you move in.
    7. Inform your insurance companies: inform your home and car insurance companies of your new address to keep your insurance in force.
    8. Change your address: change your address with banks, the post office, the government and anywhere else you have established accounts.

    Remember that if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the process of your move.

    1. Preparation: The first step is to gather information about the work, prepare an inventory, plan transport, necessary equipment and materials.
    2. Customer contact: The moving team contacts the customer to confirm the amount of equipment and materials needed for a successful move.
    3. Packing and packaging: The team packs the customer's objects to prevent damage during transport.
    4. Loading of the move: The removal team loads the luggage onto the removal van to take it to its destination.
    5. Transport: The removal team takes the customer's luggage to its new location. Depending on the type of move, land, sea or air transport will be used.
    6. Download: The removal team unloads the luggage at the customer's new location.
    7. Unpacking and unpacking: The team unpacks the client's items so that they can be placed in their new home.
    8. Cleanliness: The removal team cleans the customer's old and new location to make sure everything is in order.
    9. Collection: The team collects the equipment and materials used in the move.
  • We take care of everything you need to move from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the world.

    We have agents all over the world and carry out removals by land, sea and air on a daily basis.

  • Of course, we have a furniture storage service with 24-hour surveillance and in conditioned warehouses (temperature, humidity, etc.) so that your goods are always under control.

    You can find more information in our storage
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