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Zen-style decoration for a unique harmony

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In an increasingly hectic world, the zen style in home décor has become increasingly popular. Often associated with minimalism and simplicity, the zen style focuses on creating a calm and harmonious space for relaxation and meditation. Here are some ideas for decorating your home in the zen style.

Due to the stress we are subjected to on a daily basis, it is highly advisable to decorate our home, especially if we have moved to the beautiful city of Barcelonaaccording to the philosophy ZenAfter all, it is the space we use to relax. The philosophy Zen is a Buddhist school and the one Japanese word "Zen"means meditation. In the decoration Zen simplicity and order reign as it aims to convey tranquillity, calm and harmony.

Zen-style decoration for a unique harmony

What are the characteristics of the decoration style Zen?


The colour par excellence in this type of decoration is white, but also neutral colours: ochre, grey, beige, etc., as they provide spaciousness and simplicity.


Always opt for simple furniture for every room in the house. Low furniture with straight lines is perfect, as it conveys order. The comfort is one of the fundamental premises. It is therefore advisable to complement the space with cushions, rugs and soft duvets. This is especially useful if you have hired any furniture storage service either within the national territory, o international.


Always in search of greater naturalness and as little industrialisation as possible. The natural wood is one of the best options, as well as beech wood and stone. In bathrooms, it is always better to opt for the stone than ceramics. For items such as cushions, duvets and bed linen, cotton, silk, velvet or leather should be used, so that softness reigns supreme.


The decoration Zen seek as much natural light as possible, but always indirectly. A good option for filtering it are the Japanese panels or linen or cotton curtains. The philosophy Zen always look for a focal point that will be the centre of attention. Try to keep artificial lighting hidden, soft and warm.


If you have a garden at home, it's a good idea to adapt it to the decoration Zen and turn it into a space for meditation. Reserve an east-facing space for this purpose. The materials that reign in a garden of this type are: Sand, stone, gravel and wood. The gardens ZenBecause of their simplicity, they are often easier to build and maintain than classic gardens.

What should we avoid?

 The decoration Zen advocates purity and tranquillity, so we should avoid curves, dark wood, cold colours and any kind of baroque. This applies even if we moved our office. 

Choose neutral colours and natural materials

One of the main characteristics of the zen style is the use of neutral colours and natural materials in the decoration. Colours such as white, grey and beige help to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo and stone are also very important. These elements give the decoration an organic and natural touch.

Use the right lighting

Lighting is crucial in the zen style. You should choose soft, subdued lighting that creates a relaxed atmosphere. Overhead lights are harsh and unflattering in zen style, so table or floor lamps are recommended instead. Candles can also be a good option to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Declutter your space

One of the keys to Zen style is simplicity. Therefore, it is important to get rid of everything you don't need. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and decorations and keep your space clean and tidy. An uncluttered space will help you feel calmer.

Research zen symbology

Zen decoration focuses on symbolism. Elements such as stone gardens, fountains and ceramic bowls are important symbols in the zen style. Research zen symbolism and use elements that are meaningful to you to create a personal and authentic décor.

Low and simple furniture

Zen style focuses on simplicity and this also applies to furniture. Low, simple furniture is ideal for this style. Low beds are especially popular in zen decoration. Low coffee tables are also a good choice to create a calm atmosphere.

Don't forget the plants

Bringing nature indoors is important in the zen style. Plants not only add an organic touch to the décor, but also help to improve air quality. Plants such as bamboo, lavender and jasmine are especially popular in zen décor.

Zen-style decoration for a unique harmony


Decorating your home in a zen style can help you create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home. Use neutral colours and natural materials, declutter your space, research zen symbolism, use low and simple furniture, and don't forget the plants. With these ideas, you can create a unique and personal home that reflects your lifestyle and values.


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