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Buenos Aires: Places Not To Be Missed

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Many Spaniards we are migrating to Latin America in search of a better life, as these countries are experiencing a rapid growth and offer interesting job opportunities for skilled workers.

Argentina is one of those countries that is becoming one of the most recipient of Spanish expatriates. If your company has relocated you or a member of your family to a new country. Buenos Aireshere is one guide to sites not to be missed:


The best neighbourhood in the argentine capital for go for a walk. Thanks to rapid growth, it has catapulted to become one of the world's most important elegant and sophisticated. The waters of the Río de la Plata meet the modern, towering buildings. It is a place full of good restaurants and luxurious hotels.
Be sure to visit: The ARA Frigate, the Women's Park, the Michaela Bastidas Park and the Casino..


This colourful, must-visit neighbourhood is home to The Usina del Arte, a cultural centre inside a building Italian neo-Renaissanceo which houses one of the concert halls most important in the city.


One of the major shopping centres of the city of Buenos Aires. It's worth simply visiting the building where they are housed: a 19th Century National Historic Monument whose dome is flooded with murals of Beri, Castagnini, Urruchúa and Colmeiro among others.


A wonderful way to get around Buenos Aires is to use the bicycle loan systems which although it has its restrictions and is not as efficient as that of other European capitals is free of charge.


One of the must-visits in Buenos Aires is to go and eat a steak as tradition dictates. These are some of the best restaurants:

-Poor Luis, Don Zoilo, La Cabrera and Cabañas Villegas.


Nothing will make you feel more porteño that some dances to the rhythm of Tango The Cathedral Club is a temple of dance where they offer beginners and advanced classes, A site a magical place you should not miss.

What to consider before moving from Spain to Buenos Aires?

Moving from Spain to Buenos Aires is an important decision that involves several aspects to consider. Here are some general considerations that may help you in the process:

Cultural change and lifestyle

Moving from Spain to Buenos Aires is an exciting cultural change. Buenos Aires is known for its rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in its music, dance, art and architecture.

Find out about local customs, traditional festivities and how the locals relate to each other. Learning some basic phrases in Argentine Spanish will also help you integrate better into the community.

Labour and economy

Before you move, research job opportunities in Buenos Aires in your field of work. Understand labour demand, job requirements and possible differences in business practices.

Assess how the cost of living in Buenos Aires compares to Spain to ensure that your income is adequate to maintain your desired standard of living.

Visa and permits

Research the visa and work permit requirements necessary to reside legally in Buenos Aires. Make sure you have all necessary documentation in order and consider working with an immigration professional to facilitate the process. Immigration regulations can change, so keep up to date on any modifications.


Explore the housing options available in Buenos Aires. Research different neighbourhoods to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

Consider factors such as security, proximity to your workplace and cultural offerings. Compare rental prices and lease conditions to make an informed decision.

Storage and removal

If you plan to carry only part of your belongings, hiring a furniture storage service can be useful for storing your things while you adjust.

Research reliable suppliers offering secure facilities and favourable conditions. Plan the logistics of your move, including the transportation of your belongings from Spain, whether you are moving to Spain or moving to another country. Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga or any other part of the national or international territory up to Buenos Aires.

Health insurance

Make sure you understand how the health care system works in Buenos Aires and how you can obtain health insurance. Research medical coverage options to ensure that you are protected in case of emergencies or medical needs. This is especially important to safeguard you and your family's well-being.

Education and services

If you have school-age children, research the educational options available in Buenos Aires. Examine local schools, their academic programmes and their reputation. Also, find out about public services such as transportation, electricity and water, as well as the facilities available in the area where you plan to live.

Support network

Establishing a social support network in Buenos Aires will facilitate your adjustment. Look for expat groups, cultural events and social activities where you can meet like-minded people. Connecting with other expats can provide you with useful advice, lasting friendships and a sense of community in your new environment.

Taxation and finance

Understand the tax system in Argentina and how it will affect your personal finances. Research the tax regulations for expatriates and seek financial advice if necessary. Keep clear records of your income and expenses to effectively meet your tax obligations.

Financial planning

Before you move, draw up a detailed financial plan that addresses the costs of moving home. establishing a budgetThe initial costs in your new home and the ongoing expenses.

Make sure you have sufficient funds to deal with any emergencies and to settle comfortably in your new environment. Consider currency conversion and how it will affect your finances in Argentina.


Buenos Aires has become a dangerous city for foreigners and it is prudent to follow the following recommendations:

Avoid carry jewellery, watches and chains of value
Don't trust strangers
Keep an eye on your belongings
-In Buenos Aires, there are counterfeit 100 peso banknotesnever change on the street.
Do not take taxis on the street, always call a company to come and pick you up.
-Evita the area around the Plaza de la Constitucionstations and trains Retiro and the unattended parks and squares during the night hours.

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