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We move pianos in Sevilla with the utmost care and appropriate machinery

Piano transport in Sevilla

Do you want to move a piano at Vitoria? We have specific machinery for transporting pianos, as well as qualified operators for handling them.

✓ National and international piano transport

✓ Transfer of grand pianos

✓ Moving upright pianos

Piano moving company in Sevilla

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Piano transport in Sevilla.

Gil Stauffer has been moving, transporting and transporting pianos in Sevilla for private individuals and companies since 1905.

More than a hundred years moving the lives of families and companies.

Rafa BareaRafa Barea
13:06 07 Jun 24
Good morning, my name is Rafael Barea, and on the 2nd and 3rd of May I made a move with you, but when you arrived 3 days before the move, the conditions agreed in the contract were changed.... I have contracted the removal for the 3rd of May, a few days before we are informed that it will take two days, that they have measured wrongly and that it cannot be done in just one day, that it would be too many hours and that it must be done in two full days. The solution given to us is: "WE WILL RETURN THE SIGNAL AND WE WILL NOT DO IT" HOW? I guess we all know that in the removal work you only have 1 day per agreement, and that choosing day 3 is to take advantage of the weekend to accommodate us and start working the following Monday.Here comes the first drawback, since requesting a day means between the two of us more than 300 € of our salary, or devote a day of holiday to something that is already agreed.Ok, we accept, giving us as consideration the assembly of two hours contracted.Lega day 2 (first day of moving) begin to collect ... and at 14:00h exact, but exact CUT!!!!!,Second day, day 3, begin to "finish" and we go to the new home. And they leave us there, and we have to ask for one more day of holiday ... They did not perform the work of clear assembly, wait until Monday to ask for one more day of holiday, and be waiting for them with their office hours ... can do it ... so the consideration, was not provided!!!So I understand the removals last more than 72 hours, it is inconceivable to have a customer like that, PROFESSIONALISM! Once finished, with Miss Eva, who is with whom I have been in contact both by phone and Watts, is notified of these incidents, and the damage caused.days pass nobody calls me, nobody a superior, nobody customer service nobody!!!tired of claiming to Miss Eva, that same day we call customer service, very contemptuously to a customer that this ignited by the treatment, by the forms and now above by the damage, solves it easy, 490 € and all ready!List of damages:Microwave broken from falling to the floorCeramic heater, fallen to the floor and brokenSet of bohemian glasses, family gift, 6 units broken 4Dining table, without full protection in two cornersIn the only piece of furniture that they placed, they broke through the adjoining wall, so I had to call a bricklayer and repaint.Broken photo framesA few days ago, my wife asked Sta Eva for the insurance contract to be able to study the contracted insurance, have you received it, because we haven't!!! More than 20 calls, more than 20 messages, nobody calls, nobody answers me, nobody gives us a solution.we have paid 1.500€ for a move, badly planned, badly carried out and badly finished, and of course badly managed.And now they want to give me 490€ to replace? a living room table? a bricklayer? a heater? and last but not least, our arrival at the urbanization is marked by the removal, as we have received complaints from the neighbours through the president, that the removal company, jumped fences, left food in the gardens, left cans lying everywhere,,,, a poor image for a prestigious company.... I don't think anyone in this urbanisation will pay them back, they dropped things and left them broken on the ground... I need an answer, I am waiting for your more
Fco. Javier FBFco. Javier FB
16:42 04 Apr 24
Unprofessional, they don't respect common areas, complaint on the phone and they don't solve anything, they park wherever they want without permission and they don't respect neighbours, they invade private parking with two trucks and they don't care what you tell them,... at least parked from 14:00 to 19:00, let's see when they remove the trucks or we'll have to report them to the police, although it seems that they don't give a damn about more
Helena CastroHelena Castro
19:01 02 Apr 24
Sara BenitezSara Benitez
14:20 31 Jan 24
You are scammers. You have kept my furniture and boxes in your furniture repository, I was calm thinking that I could trust your company and it turns out that several boxes have been wet as if they had been in contact with... water, with damaged expensive handbags and another box with clothes that had been crushed and the box was wet. As well as swollen furniture. You have no shame whatsoever. And I hope that justice will be done. I will not stop until every single one of the damages caused by your nefarious company is paid for. You have met a very insistent person and I will not stop posting things like more
Thaimy SiguenzaThaimy Siguenza
10:58 24 Nov 23
Maria LopezMaria Lopez
11:18 18 Oct 23
Victorino SantanaVictorino Santana
09:59 11 Oct 23
09:49 11 Oct 23
Our move with them went very smoothly. Highly recommended
No communication, I only managed to speak to a telephone operator, who told me that a certain Álvaro would call me back, but that call never arrived.... The boss was rushing them and things were left unpacked and they didn't have to dismantle a bookshop which would have taken them a long short, not to repeat or advise anyone to hire this company which in its day was at the more
Manda CarvajalManda Carvajal
07:31 23 Sep 23
Yiorgos BallisYiorgos Ballis
10:53 15 Sep 23
Ria CastanonRia Castanon
07:18 04 Sep 23
Ceri MoraCeri Mora
07:07 04 Sep 23
Jeronimo EspinJeronimo Espin
06:10 29 Aug 23
They were excellent to us
Jose Granizo galianoJose Granizo galiano
10:02 21 Jun 23
antonio g.cantonio g.c
22:40 15 Jun 23
We have been storing our material in their furniture repositories for a long time and I have never stopped to give my opinion about them. In several months I haven't had any problems, quite the contrary.
P. Net.P. Net.
10:07 13 Jun 23
It is difficult to entrust your entire house to one company, that's why I chose Gil Stauffer, they seemed by far the most professional and experienced, plus my boss recommended them to me. A great success
Marilo "katalina" FaRaMarilo "katalina" FaRa
23:04 10 May 23
I had never done a move through a moving company before and I was a bit apprehensive... however they have been extremely professional with everything.
Manuel SerranoManuel Serrano
22:09 08 May 23
I highly recommend them. They got me out of a jam by handling my entire move... from the boxes to the transportation.
Very good experience, we moved to Paris. I was surprised at how well organised they were and how quickly they completed the whole process. All my belongings arrived on time and in perfect condition. They were also accessible... throughout the process, which is welcome and more
Èric OlierÈric Olier
05:06 24 Mar 23
I hired Gil Stauffer for my move from Sevilla to Barcelona and I couldn't be happier with the service. From the first contact, everything went smooth and easy. The moving team was very attentive and respectful at all times. No doubt about it.... I would hire them again!read more
Ana Belen CanuñasAna Belen Canuñas
17:59 12 Nov 22
Good service, pleasant staff in the treatment, in addition to the transport service, they perform disassembly and assembly of furniture. Ideal for your removal.
Celia NavarroCelia Navarro
17:11 07 Nov 22
I called them to ask for a quote for a removal and they gave me a very acceptable quote, they were very punctual and came with everything I needed to pack everything. A positive experience and a very good company.... more
Mario Ruiz OrtegaMario Ruiz Ortega
10:26 01 Nov 22
I hired them and I was very happy, they were punctual for the quote and also on the day of the move. The service was excellent. They know very well what they do and how to do it, everything was perfect. I recommend them without hesitation.
Removal of our office facilities, the result has been impeccable. Very complete service with a very serious and professional attention from the commercial visit until the move is finished. Recommended 100%
I recently moved house with them and the service was great. They have taken care of everything, packing of belongings and furniture. They have assembled the furniture with great care. Highly recommended!!!!

We move pianos all over the territory of Sevilla, Spain and the world.

We offer piano transportation in Vitoria for private individuals, companies and public institutions. We have air-conditioned vehicles and lifting cranes for safe transport.

We use specialised machinery, such as caterpillar machines, trolleys and ramps. We protect the piano with custom-made covers and safety anchors. Our professional team guarantees a reliable and complete service.

Piano moving in Sevilla

How much does it cost to move a piano in Sevilla?

The price of transporting a piano in Sevilla can vary depending on several factors. The cost range is between 350 € and 1.199 €.depending on the distance between the place of origin and destination, the type of piano (either upright or grand piano), the floors of the buildings of destination and origin, road closures or if a crane lift is required. Below is a list of approximate prices:

  • Transport of grand piano: Between 350 € and 550 €.
  • Upright or wall-mounted piano transport: Between 250 € and 490 €.

These prices are a general reference and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each transfer.

It is advisable to contact the piano transport service directly to obtain a personalised and accurate quote.

Receive your impeccable piano in any destination

International Association of Movers
FIDI (Federation of International Furniture Removers) Accredited International Mover
International Federation of International Movers
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How do we transport pianos?

We carry out professional piano transfers following a careful process to ensure the safety and protection of your instrument. Our approach is based on the following steps:

  1. Initial assessment: Our team of experts assesses the piano and its environment to determine the best relocation strategy. We consider the location of origin and destination, the type of piano, the accessibility of spaces and any special requirements.

  2. Detailed planning: Once we know the details of the move, we draw up a detailed plan. This includes the use of suitable air-conditioned vehicles, selection of the necessary machinery (such as lifting cranes) and the team of qualified personnel to carry out the task.

  3. Secure packaging: We use high quality packing materials to protect the piano during transport. This includes custom-made covers, special padding and straps to prevent unwanted movement.

  4. Specialised loading and unloading: We have forklifts and trained personnel to load and unload the piano safely. Our team uses specific and careful techniques to avoid damage during these critical stages.

  5. Adequate transport: During the transfer, we make sure to maintain ideal conditions for the piano, such as controlling the temperature and humidity in our air-conditioned vehicles. Our drivers are experts at driving smoothly and safely, avoiding bumps and sudden movements.

  6. Delivery and placement: Upon arrival at the destination, our team takes care of the delivery and precise placement of the piano according to your instructions. We ensure that the instrument is in its designated place, ready for use.

At every step, our goal is to ensure a professional and worry-free relocation of your piano. Rely on our experience and dedication for a safe and successful transfer of your valuable instrument.

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