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Expats: Living and Working in New York City

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New York stands out for its character cosmopolitan and is considered one of the best cities in the world. It is also the city most populous in the United States and the second most urban-concentrated in North America, after the Federal District of Mexico. It is a city that in many respects trend-setting given their worldwide influence on the mediain the policyin the educationin the entertainment and the fashion.

Working in NYC

To be honest, getting a work visa for EEU is a difficult task that has become even more difficult since the 9/11 attacks. The trick is to get a american company takes notice of you because in that case they will do everything to get it for you.

This is not as difficult or as crazy as it sounds as there is plenty of talent shortage in the US although it usually means that your professional profile must be highly qualified.

Traditionally, the East Coast is more conservative and formal, in terms of dress and manners. It is important to note that if you are used to European holidays, American holidays will surprise you negatively. Most new workers only get one or two weeks of paid holiday a year, which is less than in any other industrialised country except Japan. According to a study by the UN, the average American works 250 hours more than a British worker and 500 more than a German worker per year. The US is the only developed country that considers paid time off a benefit rather than a right.

Most in-demand professions

According to the Forbes magazine The most in-demand professions in the US are handyman: plumbers, carpenters or electricians, mechanics and truck drivers.

On the other hand: nurses and doctors, despite the fact that the latter are among the highest paid professions in the USA.

Moreover, US industry is failing to overcome the lack of engineers. Only 74,000 new engineers leave US universities each year, many of them foreigners who return to their home countries or opt for other countries as a work destination.

The hospitality sector also always has jobs available, as these are the lowest paid jobs, with an average annual salary of $18,000, the amount a US doctor receives monthly.

Senior management is another occupation that is difficult to cover, despite the fact that the average income of this category of workers is $170,000 per year excluding bonuses and dividends paid out by listed companies.

The commercial agent and customer service specialist are also among the most sought-after professionals.

Living in NYC

New York is a rather expensive citywhere renting a room in Manhattan will cost you at least $1,000 per month. A two-bedroom flat is between 4,000-5,000$. Day-to-day living is not cheap either. A decent daily meal can cost around $25 per day. If we also include transport and leisure, we find that in order to be able to live in Manhattan in a good neighbourhood and have quality of life you have to earn a lot of money.

If money is not an issue you can rent a flat in Manhattan. If this area is prohibitively expensive for you and you prefer to live close to the beach, you can try your luck in Staten Island where prices are more moderate or at Brooklyn which also offers moderate prices in quiet neighbourhoods without being too far from the city. If you're looking for a cheap area, you'll have to go further away from the big city block and go to Queens. What is strongly discouraged, as we are sick and tired of seeing in films, is the Bronx.

What to consider before moving to New York?

Moving to New York can be exciting, but it's also important to consider several things before making this decision. Here are some key things to consider:

Housing Selection

The city has a wide variety of neighbourhoods, each with its own character and lifestyle. Do your research and explore the different areas to find a place that suits your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that housing prices and quality vary considerably depending on location.

Transport Planning

Public transport, such as subways and buses, is the primary mode of travel in New York. Many residents choose not to own a car because of the high cost of parking and traffic. Consider how you will get around the city and familiarise yourself with the transport options available.

Moving Costs

Moving to New York is an undertaking that involves a number of expenses beyond simply transporting your belongings from one place to another. One of the first steps is the proper packing of your items, which may require the purchase of materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other items to ensure that your belongings arrive in good condition.

Transporting your belongings will often depend on the distance between your current location and New York. If you are moving from another countrycosts can increase considerably. In addition, you will need to consider the number of items you plan to take with you, as this influences the size of the vehicle required and therefore, in total cost.

For a more accurate budgetIt is advisable to request quotes from several moving companies. Be sure to ask about possible additional charges, such as insurance for your belongings during transport. Prepare in advance, because if you want to make transport from MadridFor example, having a proper budget will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of expenses.


If you are in a situation where you can't take all of your belongings with you immediately to your new home in New York, consider the option of use a furniture repository can be a smart solution. A furniture repository is a service that provides a secure space to store your belongings for a certain period of time.

This can be particularly useful if there is a time gap between the date you must leave your current location and the date you will be able to move completely into your new home in New York. It is also useful if you are reducing the number of items you will be taking with you and need a place to store the items that will not fit in your new space.

In short, living in New York The monthly costs are usually around $2,500 assuming you share a flat or between 6,500-7,000$ without flat sharing.

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