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Hotel removals, one of Gil Stauffer's specialities

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Hotel Removals

Hotel removals are one of Gil Stauffer's specialities.

Gil Stauffer  has carried out a multitude of large hotel removals. In fact, is one of the specialities for which it stands out.

In recent years, services of this type have been carried out for hotels such as the Westin Palace or the Hotel Ritz from Madridluxury establishments in need of a major reform. In order to make this move, there were to move all its contents and store it for safekeeping. until it is transferred to its new destination.

Throughout history, Gil Stauffer has carried out other work in this style for major hotel chains such as Meliá, Barceló, Hilton, InterContinentaletc. But he has also carried out removals and relocations for other smaller hotel establishments and even restaurants.

Special logistics for moving hotels and catering establishments

Removals from hotels and catering establishments, depending on the type of establishment. size and their idiosyncrasies, entail special logistics and require a special Logistics Master Plan in which all the parameters to be taken into account for the correct development of the logistical process of the transfer are contemplated.

Gil Stauffer is a brand specialising in national and international removals, which was founded in 1905 and has delegations in the main Spanish capitals and islands. In its 114 years of existencemany of them are transfers which has carried out around the world and innumerable removals carried out for large companies.

Within the business environment, as mentioned above, the following have been carried out, numerous services for large hotel chains y luxury accommodation. Gil Stauffer has the necessary expertise to carry out this type of major relocation, as well as the means to implement large-scale projects.

In fact, in hotel removal operations of this nature, the execution times initially foreseen in the traceability plan are usually exceeded and, in general, the expectations of the planned storage work are also improved while the appropriate operations are being carried out inside the respective hotels.

The furniture and furnishings are therefore stored in the warehouses at Gil StaufferThis work also requires meticulous sorting guidelines before the items are sold, auctioned or returned to their place of origin in the hotels.

Removals from hotels, restaurants and any business in the hospitality sector can be undertaken by our team without any problems, as our experience has made us specialists in this sector of activity.

Since 1905, our greatest satisfaction has been your satisfaction.


Removals company founded in 1905. Currently the largest removal company in Spain, with branches and warehouses throughout the country.

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