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Expats: Moving to Brazil. Tips for living and working in Brazil

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Moving to Brazil: Living and working in Brazil as expatriates

Moving to Brazil - Brazil flag

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and its more than 200 million inhabitants also make it the fifth largest in the world. ranking of the most populous countries. However, it has a fairly low population density as most of its population is concentrated on the coast, leaving large inland areas unpopulated. Europeans, indigenous peoples, Africans and Asians make Brazil a multi-ethnic society.

Some notes on Brazil's economy

According to data provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Brazil has positioned itself as one of Spain's main strategic partners outside the framework of the European Union.. The relationship between the two countries is based on the strong investment presence of Spanish companies in Brazil due to the investment opportunities offered by the country. As the seventh largest economy in the world, Brazil is the largest market in Latin America in terms of consumers (213 million) and in terms of GDP: 1,346,997 million dollars according to the IMF, 35.57% of the GDP of the whole of Latin America, being the main Latin American investor in the world.

The government has presented an ambitious economic agenda that aims to relaunch the Brazilian economy on the basis of further liberalisation of the economy, greater international openness, reduction of bureaucratic obstacles to economic activity, as well as tax reorganisation.

The opportunities are vast, highlighting the government's commitment to the development of infrastructure and renewable energies, whose investment has tripled in recent years. The new Renewable Energy Plan 2030 seeks to promote this sector, in which Brazil is the sixth most attractive country for investment.

Moving to Brazil - Sao Paulo

Working in Brazil

With the aim of promoting business cooperation and commercial exchanges between Spanish and Brazilian companies, the preferential sectors of investment promotion  in Brazil are the following: Infrastructure, energy, oil, gas, renewable energy, electricity, automotive, biotechnology, agricultural machinery and irrigation systems. These sectors are prioritised, but not exclusive.

In general, there are demand for professionals The most sought-after professions are engineers, doctors and pharmacists at all levels. In addition, the oil fields discovered a few years ago have boosted the job market in the oil industry. Sao Paulo is one of the cities with the highest demand for workers in all sectors, Rio de Janeiro is a very touristy city, ideal for professionals in the service sector, and was particularly popular with workers for the 2016 Olympic Games. In the north-east of the country, cities such as Natal o Fortress engineers and technical professionals are in demand.

But it should be borne in mind that for the entrepreneurs who want to venture into the land of samba, the bureaucracy does not make it easy. The tax system can destroy a company, as there are many different ways of doing business. different types of taxes at state, municipal and district level. Surrounding yourself with a team of legal and financial professionals specialised in Brazil is essential.

To live and work legally in Brazil, it is necessary to have a residence permit. These are temporary visas issued by the companies themselves and the maximum period is two years, which can be extended up to four years or converted into a permanent visa. In the case of investors, the company has the possibility of being able to place several senior managers in the country with a permanent visa. For issues related to working in BrazilYou can consult the MAEC page on BrazilThis is the official website of requirements for working in Brazilas well as the COUNTRY FILE

It is undoubtedly a destination with many job opportunities but also a country with high crime rates. Traffic in Sao Paulo is very heavy, especially at rush hour, and is regulated by traffic restrictions. Public transport, although of good quality, is not adapted to the needs of one of the most overcrowded cities in the world. The best thing about this large metropolis is its welcoming society and its wide range of cultural offerings.

Curiosities about Brazil

  • In Sao Paulo there is the japanese colony largest in the world outside Japan.
  • Near Souza (Paraiba State) was found the dinosaur footprint largest in the world.
  • Brazil was the inventor of the thong called "dental floss". However, it is illegal and punishable to go topless.
  • Brazil has 216 tribes different within their territory.

Moving to Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

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