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Moving to Mexico: Information and tips for moving to Mexico

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Thinking of moving to Mexico? Join us and discover this wonderful country.

Moving to Mexico - Mexico Flag

Mexico is strategically located in the north of the American continent, with more than 3,000 km of border with the United States. Its paradisiacal beaches, the diversity of its landscapes and its wealth of monuments make this country a privileged place. But let's take a closer look inside to get to know it better and review the most outstanding aspects. They are sure to be useful if you are planning to move to Mexico:

  • Economy

Mexico is the Latin America's second largest economy. With a remarkable trade openness and a privileged bilateral relationship with the United States, the growth forecast according to the IMF for 2022 and 2023 stands at 4 %. According to data from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Mexico's annual GDP growth rate over the last two decades (2000-2019) has stood at 2.1 %.

The pandemic brought great challenges to be faced in the different economies: labour reforms, the need to increase business productivity, job recovery, the search for new business niches and avenues The Mexican government, with the aim of rebuilding the country's economy after the coronavirus crisis, approved an economic package that will come into force on 1 January 2022, which includes significant TAX NEWS Income Tax (ISR), Value Added Tax (VAT), the Federal Tax Code and the Federal Law on the tax on new cars. In April 2020, and as a result of almost 4 years of negotiations and agreements, the modernisation of the so-called Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Mexico (EU-Mexico FTA) was formalised. to further facilitate exports and remove unnecessary barriers to imports in both markets. This agreement includes changes in government procurement, investment protection, dispute settlement, further liberalisation of trade in services and agricultural products.

The preferred sectors The sectors in which business cooperation and trade exchanges between Spanish and Mexican companies are being promoted are: consumer goods, industrial goods, engineering and construction, machinery, renewables, financial services, the automotive industry, transport components and telecommunications. These sectors are a priority but are not exclusive.

The country has a network of 12 Free Trade Agreements with 46 countries (FTAs) that give it access to more than 1 billion consumers and 30 Agreements for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Trade and Investment (PTAs) that give it access to more than 1 billion consumers and 30 Agreements for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Trade and Investment. Investments (APPRIs).

With a surface area of nearly 2 million km², it is a country made up of 32 federal states and is ranked as the tenth most populous country with a population of around 130.12 million people and great ethnic variety, since there are some 65 indigenous groups.

The great growth it has experienced Mexico in recent decades positions it as a one of the most stable countries in Latin America. It is the largest exporter of flat panel TV screens, one of the largest producers of organic coffee, the largest producer and exporter of silver and the largest producer and exporter of avocados.

Moving to Mexico - Independence Statue

  • Working in Mexico

Mexico is a very welcoming country for Spaniards, first of all, because the same language is spoken in the language. There are a lot of Spanish and Latino inhabitants living together, so it is quite easy to get along. Moreover, living in this country is quite affordable for Spaniards, as the prices are very low. skilled jobs are in high demand and are well paid in relation to the cost of living.

The work focused on the sectors of tourism and industry are the most attractive and accessible, since there are numerous Spanish hotel companies and they receive a lot of tourism from our country. Acapulco, Cancun or the Sea of Cortez are the best destinations to venture into a job search in the hospitality sector. But if you prefer to try your luck in the industry sectoryou should contact Monterrey or Torreon. However, the capital should be avoided, Mexico City, due to high levels of insecurity and resident overcrowding resulting in less demand for labour.

For information on visas and issues related to working in Mexicoyou can consult the website of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico.

Moving to Mexico - Beaches and hotels

  • Health

As for the health systemThe public alternative is free of charge. However, it is often overloaded and long waits are common. It is therefore advisable to take out a private health insurance policy to assist the health system. private which undoubtedly offers a high quality.

  • Climate

Mexico's climate, in general, is warm and temperate, very similar to the one in Madrid. There is rainfall throughout the year, even in the driest months. The average annual temperature is 13.1°C, and the Tropic of Cancer divides the country into tropical and temperate zones.

However, all five types of climates and nine of the eleven varieties of ecosystems are present within the Mexican territory.

  • Culture and society

The Mexican culture current situation is a product of the mix of the indigenous tradition with the Spanish culture and the Transfers within the territory inherited from colonisation. In addition, the proximity of the United States has tinged some of its areas with modernity. Mythology, traditions and current affairs intermingle, giving the country a truly unique character.

Mexicans have a fervent religious tradition. 90% of them consider themselves Christian although many influences from ancient religions can be found. Their main devotion is to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The family comes first. In this country, family ties are very strong and the father figure is deeply rooted, a situation that is transferred to various spheres such as the social and political spheres.

The festivities are the protagonists of Mexican culture. Most of the festivals are linked to religion and have strong influences from the old Mexican calendar, which were later incorporated into the Catholic calendar.

  • Gastronomy

Moving to Mexico - Gastronomy - EnchiladasThe gastronomic offer is quite varied, we can find all kinds of food with influences from different places and cultures. And, believe it or not, there are plenty of options for those who don't like to eat in the city. spicy.

But some very typical Mexican options are enchiladas -fried tortillas stuffed with chicken-, cochinita pibil -prepared with strands of pork-, huevos ranchera -fried eggs with chili in corn tortillas-, mole -sauce that accompanies chicken or turkey-The most popular dishes are the tacos de adobada y asada -corn tortillas stuffed with meat or fish-, the pozole -a broth made with corn kernels and meat-, the aguachile -a broth prepared with chilli, shrimps and other ingredients- and you cannot miss the cocktail Vuelve a la vida -it contains shrimps, prawns, octopus, oysters and the most popular is the one from Veracruz that is prepared with sea urchin. Of course, there is also the well-known guacamole, made with avocado and chilli.

  • Tourism

In the website of the Secretariat of the Government of Mexico you can find all the latest news on official regulations and events related to tourism in the country.

Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the country, Cancun, Mexico City y Cabo San Lucas are some of the most popular destinations.

Moving to Mexico - Pyramid of Chichen Itza

The Mayan ruins of Chichen Itzathe castle of Tulumthe petrified waterfalls of Boil Waterthe crack in the Sumidero Canyonthe cenote Suytúnthe Frida Khalo's Blue Housethe snow-capped volcano of Tolucathe archaeological site of Palenque or that of Teotihuacánthe city colonies of San Miguel de Allendethe magic town San Cristóbal de las Casas or that of Izamalthe island of Holboxthe Mayan city Calakmulare emblematic Mexican places not to be missed. If you fancy a swim while you play with the dolphins, be sure to visit the park. Xel-Há.

  • Curiosities

Mexico is written with "x".even though it sounds like a "j". The confusion with these two characters comes from the fact that the Nahuatl name was castellanised in the 16th century. Thus, writing the name of this country with a "j" is not wrong, but it is correct to write it with an "x". Take note.

– El chocolate was discovered in Mexico more than 3,000 years ago, and even back then, both coins and cocoa beans were used in trade.

Mexico City is the second most populous territory in the world after Tokyo.

-Mexico is the largest consumer per capita of cola soft drinks. So you know, if you like this type of drink, you will feel identified with the majority of the country's population.

-If you love animals and nature, you're in luck, because Mexico is the fourth most biodiverse country and in it you can find about 12% of all the species in the world - there are more than 700 reptiles alone!

-Let's not miss the music! The traditional Mexican music group are the mariachisThey are indispensable in any important celebration, be it weddings, quinceañeras, graduations or anniversaries. The world cradle of the mariachi is located in Cocula, since in this town there are receipts dating back to the year 1,700, with which a musical group was paid to sing to the patron saint of the town.

-The serenades are the country's traditional token of affection and are usually sung outdoors in the afternoon or evening. A romantic detail to surprise that special someone.

– La Day of the Dead festivity honours the dead while celebrating life.

Moving to Mexico - The Day of the Dead

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