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We move pianos in Tarragona with the utmost care and appropriate machinery

Piano transport in Tarragona

Do you want to move a piano at Vitoria? We have specific machinery for transporting pianos, as well as qualified operators for handling them.

✓ National and international piano transport

✓ Transfer of grand pianos

✓ Moving upright pianos

Piano moving company in Tarragona

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Piano transport in Tarragona.

Gil Stauffer has been moving, transporting and transporting pianos in Tarragona for private individuals and companies since 1905.

More than a hundred years moving the lives of families and companies.

Pepa RofesPepa Rofes
11:17 17 May 24
Very friendly staff, but not very efficient. When they made the budget, they told me to leave everything in the same place, because when they came to make the move they would be guided by what was written down. When the workers came, they were very... kind, they had no idea what they had to take with them. They left things behind. At destination when unpacking I found paintings wrapped in my towels. Two unprotected saws in the middle of my clothes, etc. Also the staff at Tenerife were friendly and very more
Matthieu DalmayracMatthieu Dalmayrac
09:06 29 Apr 24
Dishonest, expensive, no respect for customers in difficulty. I moved in August 2022 from Barcelona to Paris. The moving company/partner in Paris, who arrived 3 hours late, damaged several pieces of furniture (ripped the cover of the... linen sofa) and accused me of having done it myself. They did not reassemble all my furniture, even though the premium service (billed at €9,000) included this service. In the end, Gil Stauffer Barcelona accused me of lying and of having damaged my new furniture myself, and simply did not respond to my reminders, including sending the claim form to the insurance company. I was clearly disrespected over the phone. The whole experience was very unpleasant, adding stress to an already very stressful episode (moving country).read more
Pere Codina SuredaPere Codina Sureda
08:25 25 Apr 24
They are the best removals company, we have used them twice and both times they have been perfect, and when we didn't know how to use a sofa bed from the last move, they have been professionals and they have solved it for us.... We have been able to explain it, so that we know how to do it ourselvesReally a great professional the people who ask us we advise this company to do more
Regrettable. I hired them to transport a handful of belongings from Barcelona to Gran Canaria. Most of it was personal belongings of little value, some computer equipment and, most importantly, a piece of equipment.... I opted for them. I opted for them and assumed a huge surcharge because, in addition to the transport, they were supposed to pack the stuff to protect it. Unfortunately, they didn't. I got my ironing board and clothesline protected in a way that would have withstood a tsunami. The ironing board and clothesline arrived protected in a way that would have withstood a tsunami, but the speakers and other audio electronics, which are heavy and delicate objects, arrived in the thin packaging in which they were stored. The result is a disaster. All the electronics have arrived damaged in some way: the speakers have dents and scratches in the wood, even a piece of the interior has come off, the preamp turns on but doesn't sound and the CD player and the power amplifier have scratches in the chassis. After 11 emails and more than two months waiting for a reply, I have only received evasive answers, so I will have to file a complaint via the Consumer Affairs department. Simply more
Ana M SalésAna M Salés
11:22 16 Feb 24
Paqui FPaqui F
16:56 13 Dec 23
Today they helped us to make the change of direction. Hector and his team were amazing, they made it look easy to make changes. Very punctual, formal and super professional. We loved it. Thank you for everything 🙂
Hector FabsoHector Fabso
06:36 07 Dec 23
Thank you for your service you are very professional, very special, everything arrived very well, thanks again.
Gil Stauffer, is a real removal, it is necessary to hire the service of packing and unpacking, which allows, disassemble and assemble furniture, they are professional, and very efficient.
Pere DuranPere Duran
08:04 25 Oct 23
The staff are very professional in the collection and delivery of the material and are very attentive and involved in providing a good service.
Marina GartMarina Gart
11:58 23 Oct 23
Unbeatable service. From the moment they quote you until they unpack everything for you. It was the best choice we could have made. They have been all facilities from the first moment. We recommend them 100%.
Brent SverdloffBrent Sverdloff
09:22 27 Aug 23
We had a very positive experience with Gil Stauffer. Ours was a complicated international move, from the USA to Spain. For moves within the USA, we had always used Gentle Giant and relied on Gil Stauffer for our moving needs.... They were asked to partner with an overseas company that matched them in quality. Our contact, Isaac, provided excellent communication from start to finish in clear, detailed and grammatically impeccable English. He laid out the specific requirements for our furniture inventory, the customs process and the necessary residency documents. Isaac provided accurate schedules for unloading the ship, temporary storage and delivery to our home. Administratively, I could not have asked for a better experience; likewise, the moving team was friendly, professional and well organised. They arrived right on time and handled our belongings with the utmost care. They unwrapped and placed all the furniture, and reassembled larger pieces such as beds and shelves. Some of the team came back a second day to hang artwork, and this is a company that cares about providing first class customer more
Victoria PochVictoria Poch
06:29 23 May 23
Steven DamronSteven Damron
17:43 10 Mar 23
Good communications and accommodated some complex requests without problems.
Ana María NavasAna María Navas
16:15 05 Nov 22
I haven't used it yet, but I have very good references.
09:51 06 Oct 22
I am very happy to have used this company for my move. Punctuality, seriousness and kindness. From the person who attended me in person and then on the phone (Eric Espadalè) to the people who carried out the move, a great service.... 10 out of 10. Thank you very much to all of more
Carla HortigüelaCarla Hortigüela
14:31 04 Apr 22
The treatment is impeccable. They have made everything easy and I have felt very accompanied by the whole team. I especially appreciate the way they have treated all my things, the respect, the delicacy and the care with which they have packed my things.... souvenirs and my belongings. Thank you very much!read more
Doris VDoris V
14:24 29 Nov 21
They have been very professional, they arrived at the time we agreed, in one morning they packed everything and made the move quite quickly, the guys were very professional and fast. The next day they unpacked it and returned it to me.... place. Luxury, I felt like a queen without having to do anything. I recommend it to 100%read more
David AmadorDavid Amador
16:52 15 Mar 21
I moved last week with Gil Stauffer and they are very professional. They dismantled the double bed headboard as well as the folding bed base without any problems and reassembled it at the destination. They protected the rest of the... furniture very well, as well as the 55'' TV in the living room. Punctuality and everything more
Pol GisbertPol Gisbert
10:02 09 Dec 19
I did my move last Thursday with them. Punctual, attentive, pleasant and with a sense of humour. They work very well, coordinated, fast and above all with caution to the blows and damages that may occur.... I will not hesitate to contact you again if I need to move large pieces of furniture. If I need to move again, I won't hesitate to contact you again! 🙂 Thank you very much for everything!read more

We move pianos all over the territory of Tarragona, Spain and all over the world.

We offer piano transportation in Vitoria for private individuals, companies and public institutions. We have air-conditioned vehicles and lifting cranes for safe transport.

We use specialised machinery, such as caterpillar machines, trolleys and ramps. We protect the piano with custom-made covers and safety anchors. Our professional team guarantees a reliable and complete service.

Piano relocation in Tarragona

How much does it cost to move a piano in Tarragona?

The price of transporting a piano in Tarragona can vary depending on several factors. The cost range is between 350 € and 1.199 €.depending on the distance between the place of origin and destination, the type of piano (either upright or grand piano), the floors of the buildings of destination and origin, road closures or if a crane lift is required. Below is a list of approximate prices:

  • Transport of grand piano: Between 350 € and 550 €.
  • Upright or wall-mounted piano transport: Between 250 € and 490 €.

These prices are a general reference and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each transfer.

It is advisable to contact the piano transport service directly to obtain a personalised and accurate quote.

Receive your impeccable piano in any destination

International Association of Movers
FIDI (Federation of International Furniture Removers) Accredited International Mover
International Federation of International Movers
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How do we transport pianos?

We carry out professional piano transfers following a careful process to ensure the safety and protection of your instrument. Our approach is based on the following steps:

  1. Initial assessment: Our team of experts assesses the piano and its environment to determine the best relocation strategy. We consider the location of origin and destination, the type of piano, the accessibility of spaces and any special requirements.

  2. Detailed planning: Once we know the details of the move, we draw up a detailed plan. This includes the use of suitable air-conditioned vehicles, selection of the necessary machinery (such as lifting cranes) and the team of qualified personnel to carry out the task.

  3. Secure packaging: We use high quality packing materials to protect the piano during transport. This includes custom-made covers, special padding and straps to prevent unwanted movement.

  4. Specialised loading and unloading: We have forklifts and trained personnel to load and unload the piano safely. Our team uses specific and careful techniques to avoid damage during these critical stages.

  5. Adequate transport: During the transfer, we make sure to maintain ideal conditions for the piano, such as controlling the temperature and humidity in our air-conditioned vehicles. Our drivers are experts at driving smoothly and safely, avoiding bumps and sudden movements.

  6. Delivery and placement: Upon arrival at the destination, our team takes care of the delivery and precise placement of the piano according to your instructions. We ensure that the instrument is in its designated place, ready for use.

At every step, our goal is to ensure a professional and worry-free relocation of your piano. Rely on our experience and dedication for a safe and successful transfer of your valuable instrument.

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