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Expatriates: Germany, the Locomotive of Europe.

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Germany is the world's second-largest home for the expatriatesbehind USA. This makes their 81 million inhabitants in the larger population of all the member states that make up the European Union.

In particular, it has become a destination in high demand among Spaniards who decide to pack their bags, as is borne out by the data of the German censuswhich, between 2011 and 2012, registered more than 50.582 Spanish emigrants. Data that takes us back 40 years to find a migration flow of similar size: during the Franchism 80.000 Spanish workers that moved from Madrid or elsewhere in the national territory arrived to the German labour market.

Although we have seen again in Germany the "land of opportunity". that we miss in Spainthe professional profiles have changed a lot, and are now the qualified young people most often choose to sling their rucksacks over their shoulders and climb up the "locomotive of Europe. However, it has established itself as a short-term destination, as according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)two thirds of the Spaniards who came to Germany in 2011 they left the German-speaking country within one year.

Germany constitutes one of the most important countries in the world and in Europeboth in terms of political as well as economic. It is part of the United Nationsthe NATO, on G8the nations G4as well as being the the engine of the European economyis the fourth largest economy in the worldin figures from the World nominal GDP. In 2007 it established itself as the the world's largest exporter of goods.

One of the major Germany's advantages is its status as high social welfare, the fruit of careful state budgets which allocate the third largest share to the development aid. At Germany enjoy a high standard of living and a complete benefit system guaranteed by the social security. In addition, it makes things much easier for the expatriatesThe bureaucratic formalitiesthe German system provides many facilities for the integration, in matters of education, language learning, benefits... one of the advantages it offers are German courses through the German EOI at a low cost and compatible with the schedule of work.

If this makes you suspect that it is a country with a high cost of livingyou should know that Berlin will be the ideal city in which to satisfy your daily meals, pay rent, or buy other types of goods, since it is much cheaper than any other European capital, such as Madrid, hence many choose to move from Barcelona.

Its position of leading country standard-bearer of the scientific and technological sectors make their job vacancies a whole bag of opportunities for highly qualified profiles: scientists and engineers are professions with excellent and constant recognition demand on the German labour market.

In terms of salariesthe better paid jobs are for engineersalthough much depends on the area. Although Berlin is one of the best cities to live in is, because of its low cost, a very poor city due to its high indebtedness and the salaries are not very high; in fact, it is the German city where the most popular minijobsMunich o Frankfurtwhich house all the banking and finance industry; o Hamburgthe cradle of the German international tradeare the cities that offer the better pay conditions.

For the entrepreneurs, Germany can also prove to be a destination of opportunity as the social system has their back more than in the past. Spain. One of the differences is that after the end of the unemployment benefits you can ask for an extension at the level of freelance. In addition, programmes are being promoted to promote the young entrepreneurshipparticularly in relation to Startups and other companies.comwhich are the ones with the greater facilities for entrepreneurship in Germany.

As for the work permits, the biggest advantage of Germany is that as a member of the EU is the stronger labour market which we can access without visa the Spanish. However, due to the significant language differences, it is necessary to have a good level of English for finding a joband it is also advisable to have some minimum knowledge of German.

Perhaps the fame of the strong character of the Germans and the language may put you off a little, but you should know that despite the differences, there are also many similarities to the Spanish cultureone of them musical, since the German folklore is one of its most popular rhythms. As for the language barrier, with a good command of English you won't have too much trouble in Berlin, which has become a very Europeanised because of the large number of young expatriates who choose it as emigration destination.

With regard to the must from tourism, Berlin is an enchanting city where you can't miss the emblematic Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstagand, of course, the famous Berlin Wall. Although Germany has many other charms, such as the beautiful Port of Hamburgthe third largest in the world; or Mittenwalda mountainous village surrounded by The Alps belonging to the region of Upper Bavariaand, of course, without overlooking the wonderful city of Munich, cradle of the Oktoberkfest

Some things that will surprise you as a Spaniard about Germany:

  • The word Freundcan mean either boyfriend or friend, depending on the phrase and the context.
  • People often have a drawer full of slippers, crocs or leather slippers at the entrance of their houses so that you can change your shoes and not stain the floor.
  • Ecological awarenesswith its return system for bottles or PfandIf you buy a drink, you will be charged between 8 and 25 cents for the bottle, which you can get back when you return it to the shop.
  • Ruhiger Tag. On Sundays all the shops are closed and the streets seem deserted.
  • When a person has a birthday, one of his or her relatives gets up at dawn and lights the candles on a cake; they are left burning all day, and after dinner everyone sings the birthday song and the celebrant blows out the candles.

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