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What is the price of a removal in Bilbao? Information and prices

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How much can a move in Bilbao cost? We tell you

If you want to know the price of a removal in BilbaoHere are some important guidelines to help you get a price orientation

To make a move in Bilbao or from Bilbao to any other location, the first thing you need to know is:

  • That every move is different:

Undoubtedly, each home has different characteristics in terms of volume, type of goods and access. This influences the price of each removal.

  • That time management is very important:

The sooner you start managing your move, the better and more precisely all aspects can be defined, avoiding unforeseen incidents in the execution.

  • That a move is a transfer of the contents of a household from one place to another.:

Therefore, because we are moving a lifetime's worth of belongings, it is advisable to use a reputable company to minimise risk and manage it effectively.

What factors should be taken into account when calculating the price of a removal?

Price of a removal in Zaragoza - How much does a removal cost in Zaragoza?

  • The most important factor is the volume of the removal expressed in m³.. It is essential that this calculation is carried out by a technician so that it is as accurate as possible. This professional will consider the belongings in all the rooms, including cupboard attics, storerooms, attics and/or garages that contain material to be moved, as well as if there is any furniture that requires special assembly and dismantling or special characteristics (pianos, safes, large pieces of furniture, etc.) and even if a furniture storage service is necessary.
  • The accesses of origin and destination addressesLifts: Yes, there are lifts, forkliftIf there is a parking problem for trucks, if there are ramps, if it is necessary to use forklifts, if it is necessary to apply for parking permits, etc.
  • The distance between the two addressesA local move in Valencia is not the same as a move between distant towns, or interprovincial, island or international, or one that involves storage in a furniture repository.
  • The type of packagingThe packaging methods used are not the same for all companies. There are cardboard boxes of different sizes on the market, wooden boxes made to measure for specific objects, hanger boxes, bubble wrap, paper and paper manila, paper reamconventional cloth blankets, cardboard dividers, plastic boxes, mattress covers, etc. And depending on the items to be moved and the type of removal, different materials will have to be used to correctly pack each object.
  • The personnel and technical resources required to carry out the removal in the conditions and time required, which, depending on the above, will be assigned to each specific service.
  • The insurance The options offered are not all the same, nor do they all have the same coverage.

Taking into account all of the above, it is important to ask specialists about any doubts that may arise before proceeding with the move, as we have already mentioned, every home is different and situations may arise that are peculiar to each removal.

So what is the price of a removal in Bilbao?

Price of a move in Zaragoza - Making a Move

The price of a removal It always seems expensive, but anyone who has ever made a move on their own will know that this is not the case, as a move always involves considerable physical work and, if not well organised, can be exhausting. That is why it is it is preferable to hire a moving company that has the experience and the appropriate means.. Some customers, in order to lower the budget, propose to make the packing or part of it previously, so that only hire the transport of furniture and boxes already packed. This should be stated in the estimate previously issued, as well as the exoneration of responsibility for the content of those boxes not packed by the removal company.

But focusing on one removal in BilbaoIn Valencia, we must take into account that we are talking about a city that has many streets of different width and characteristics, with sometimes narrow accesses or with difficulties to park trucks near the home and, sometimes, you have to ask for official permits. These aspects should also be considered in the budget issued for removals in Valencia or, in any case, removals that have the address of origin in Valencia, with details of the destination always well consigned in that budget.

Gil Stauffer is a moving company that was founded in 1905. when a small furniture repository was opened. More than a century of experience has made it the most prestigious removal company and the one most recommended by users and, although it has a reputation for offering high prices, it is not a justified reputation, as its prices are fair market prices and which are offered in all honesty. Following these statements, it can be said that there are some approximate rates for removals in Bilbao which we can mention below:

What is the price of a removal in Bilbao?

  • A move of a 25 m² flat in Bilbao could cost between 300 and 500 euros.
  • A move of a 50² flat in Bilbao could cost between 550 and 800 euros.
  • A removal of a 120 m² flat in Bilbao could cost between 850 and 1,100 euros.

But, in all cases the above-mentioned factors influencing the price must always be taken into account -especially the cubic capacity- as all these aspects could vary the final prices. These are always approximate calculations, as a serious company will always see the material to be moved before making a specific offer for each removal and will include all the details in the official estimate.

All of the above also serves to office removals in Bilbao and in any other place, because, as we say, each removal is different and requires a particular treatment of the goods to be moved.

So, if you want to know how much a removal in Barcelona costs because you need to do your own removal or that of your company, do not hesitate to contact Gil Stauffer Bilbao to request a quote. It is free, you do not acquire any commitment and we will offer you the best possible price for your needs. Our attitude has always been to help the client and offer the best service in removals, whether they are local or international, national, island or international and/or with storageof individuals or companies of any nature.

Price of a removal in Bilbao - Making removals in Bilbao

These are tips offered by GIL STAUFFER, your removal company since 1905.



Removals company founded in 1905. Currently the largest removal company in Spain, with branches and warehouses throughout the country.

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