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Gil Stauffer Bilbao sponsor of the Premios Números 1 Cadena 100 Euskadi Awards

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Gil Stauffer, one of the sponsoring companies at the Cadena 100 Awards Ceremony

The Cadena 100 Euskadi awards will be held on 6 June at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the winners will include Ana Mena, Sergio Dalma and Ion Aramendi.

On 6 June the Guggenheim Museum will open its doors to celebrate the Números 1 Awards Cadena 100 Euskadi and Gil Stauffer is honoured to be among the sponsors of this beautiful cultural event.

The annual awards ceremony, which used to be held annually, became inactive due to the pandemic, but is now back stronger than ever to roll out the red carpet with a parade of big names from the music industry, as well as personalities from the world of entertainment or who represent human values worthy of this special recognition.

Cadena 100 Euskadi 2022 Awards

Gil Stauffer, sponsoring company at the Cadena 100 Awards - Guggenheim Museum

The awards gala will be presented in the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum by the well-known journalists Javi Nieves y Mar Amate who, with their usual lively eloquence, will turn the evening into an entertaining and unforgettable evening.

The awards ceremony will also be attended by emblematic personalities from the country's cultural and artistic scene, such as the television journalist Nagore Roblesthe actress Maribel Salas or the former basketball player, Alex Mumbrúamong others.

The prize-winners

On this occasion, the prize-winners will be:

  • Ana MenaThe 25-year-old artist, who performed at the prestigious Sanremo festival, will be honoured for her talent in the field of music,
  • For his longevity in the world of music Los Secretos, Sergio Dalma and Álex Ubagowill be the winners.
  • In the category of cinema and culture, given his brilliant career, he will receive the award for his work in the following categories Imanol Arias.
  • Ion Aramendi will receive the award in the category of television presenter.
  • With regard to the solidarity aspect, the winner will be the Humanitarian rescue ship Aita Mari.

Gil Stauffer, sponsoring company

Gil Stauffer Bilbao is pleased to be part, through its sponsorship, of this beautiful event in which culture, the talent of Spanish artists, solidarity, as well as the projection of the magnificent scenery offered by the city of Bilbao and its surroundings in the Basque Country are promoted.

We would like to express our congratulations to all award winnersas well as the relevant thanks to the organisation that has made this splendid event possible.


Gil Stauffer, sponsor of the Cadena 100 Awards - Bilbao - Euskadi

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