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Expats: Tips for Moving to the UK.

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Here are some practical tips for moving to the UK


United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the favourite destinations for Spaniards, especially for young people. We could say that moving to the UK is fashionable. In 2013 the number of Spaniards arriving in the UK grew by 42% and we are already the largest number of Spaniards living in the UK. second largest migrant-sending country the United Kingdom behind Poland. According to the Spanish Embassy in London we are already about 150,000 strong.

It is a very desirable country for emigrants because of its economic strength, stability and a high level of education. One of the reasons why Spaniards emigrate to England is the lack of bureaucratic obstacles thanks to our membership of the EU. It is a destination that is close to us, so returning frequently to Spain is viable and cheap and with just our passport we can work, which simplifies all the paperwork compared to other countries. The UK gives us the opportunity to take our suitcases and jump into the pool and look for work from there. There are many portals on the internet that help and advise you in your search for employment and other issues.

The United Kingdom is a country with a large dynamism and mobility in the labour market, which offers good economic conditions and a positive employment platform for qualified professionals. Fundamental is the English proficiency to access these qualified positions. The recruitment system works differently, the selection process is more exhaustive and longer, and experience is usually valued more than academic qualifications. But, in general, companies treat workers very well and improve their economic conditions in a short period of time.


Among the most qualified profiles, the following are particularly in demand engineers, computer scientists (especially programmers), accountants, financiers and health professionals. Currently, specialist doctors and nurses are the qualifications most in demand. Moreover, young Spaniards are considered to be among the best educated in Europe, but they are also the best educated in the world, a priori, One of the hurdles to overcome to get a job of this kind is the language.


United Kingdom is an ideal place for those you love self-employmentis much quicker and cheaper. Compared to the €3,000 initial capital required in Spain, with approximately €400 in expenses (incorporation, notary, taxes, etc.), the monthly self-employed fee of €275 and a 10 day - 1 month waiting period. At United Kingdom We can set up our company in just one day or a few hours with a start-up fee of €40 and an initial capital of £1. The self-employed fee is proportional to income and for very low incomes (£7,750 per year) does not exceed €12 per month.


The city of choice for expatriates is London, It is truly a city of opportunities, with a multicultural character and a wide range of leisure activities. However, for some, it is quite expensive and very large. Looking for a place to live, for example, can be a difficult task because of the high prices and because the flats are sometimes old or poorly maintained.

For these reasons, it is a city in which it is recommended to have a Relocation company, companies engaged in the search for housing and they filter the client's needs and budget.


- Edinburgh: It has a very low unemployment rate of between 2 and 3%.

- BirminghamThe second most important city in the country, it is home to English industry and there is a demand for jobs in this sector.

- ManchesterIt has a lively nightlife and offers many leisure possibilities, another factor to take into account when choosing a city.

- Liverpool: This is an interesting city, famous for being the birthplace of The Beatles.

- Brighton: A tourist resort with beach and plenty of leisure activities.

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