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Moving to the Netherlands as an expatriate can be a wise move

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Moving to the Netherlands as an expatriate: A multi-ethnic country that welcomes foreigners

Moving to the Netherlands - Flag of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and one of the most developed states. With a population of around 18 million inhabitants, it is one of the countries with the best quality of life, ranking 14th in the world in terms of the quality of life. rankingwith a per capita income of 45,870 euros.

It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maartin, which manage some issues jointly and others autonomously. On the other hand, although the name "..." is often used, it is often referred to as "...".Netherlands"to refer to the The NetherlandsThese are actually made up of 12 provinces: South and North Holland, Zeeland, North Brabant, Utrecht, Flevoland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg, and each province has its own capital.

Working in the Netherlands

Economic aspects

The Netherlands is a very open nation in terms of trade and exports. In recent years, it has been growing rapidly, but Brexit and, above all, the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic have led to a slight downturn in its economy. Nevertheless, it is still a interesting country in which many foreign companies have been successfully consolidated. In addition, its economy is characterised by a high degree of competitivenessranking 12th in the world in terms of GDP in 2022 in the ranking of the IMF.

Netherlands - Amsterdam skyline

It is also a country that welcomes expatriates and whose society is multi-ethnic, making it one of the most sought-after countries for those seeking opportunities beyond our borders. However, it is important to master the English and have a qualification to access skilled jobs, otherwise they will have to limit themselves to the service sector and especially the hotel and catering industry.


The fundamental advantage for Spaniards is that, as in the rest of the European Union countries, it is not necessary no work visa is required. This allows us to stay in the Netherlands without any problems for as long as we need to find a job or even not to work for a while.

Jobs in demand

The most in-demand jobs with the most future These tend to be: marine engineers, technology-related jobs, web designers, graphic designers, etc. Also, there is a lot of demand in the health sector, although a Dutch language test is now required to work in this field, as it is a job where you have to interact with patients and you need to be able to communicate in their official language. Also, it is much easier to integrate if you speak Dutch. It is therefore not surprising that it is becoming more and more common for people to apply for the office removal service within the country.

Tourism in the Netherlands

Places not to be missed

Undoubtedly, one of the cities The capital city is a must-see, AmsterdamThe headquarters of several museums internationally famous as the Van Gogh Museumthe Rijksmuseum or the Rembrandt.

Nor can we fail to contemplate the explosion of colour produced by the fields of tulips during the months of March to May.

In the summer months, the islands Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling can be a haven for relaxation and a few days at the beach.

Moving to the Netherlands - Tulip field


Among the most typical Dutch delicacies are a whole range of cheeses Dutch: Gouda, Edam, Roomano, Mimotelle and Leerdammer are some of the most exquisite varieties.Moving to the Netherlands - Bitterballen

The beers Heineken y Amstel are produced there and are known worldwide, and the stroopwafel is a type of biscuit that is consumed everywhere. The bitterballen are a kind of meatballs that are very typical and accompany typical appetizers. Meat and vegetable dishes are almost always accompanied by boiled potatoes. The broodjes are special sandwiches filled with tasty ingredients such as salmon, prawns or sausages. The haring or marinated herring is also very characteristic of the Netherlands and the Kibbeling -fried fish - is delicious at any time of the day. A homemade dish is the stamppotwhich consists of a dish of mashed potato and vegetables to which they then add sausages and the erwtensoep is a soup made from peas.


With a type of oceanic climateThe wind is very present in the Netherlands. Humid, cool and mostly cloudy conditions characterise the weather in the Netherlands. MadridThe rainfall is heavy and the temperature ranges from 1°C in winter to 22°C in summer.


  • Netherlands is the English translation of Nederlandwhich is derived from the Dutch term ".Neder-landen"meaning "lowlands". The country is so named because of its orographic location, as it is partly below sea level.
  • The Netherlands is the largest producer of tulips and also has the largest flower auction market in the world.
  • Although Amsterdam is the capital The government and the royal family are located in the administrative capital, The Hague.
  • The Netherlands is one of the countries with lower corruption rate world.
  • The Dutch are the highest in Europe (and reportedly also the highest in the world).
  • In the Netherlands there are 29,000 kilometres of bicycle lane covering the whole country, if you like cycling this is the place for you.
  • Amsterdam has more channels than Venice, more bridges than Paris and more cafés than Vienna. In fact, it has more than 160 canals over which hang more than 1,200 bridges and countless cafés.
  • The Amsterdam's red light district is one of the city's best-known tourist attractions, with hundreds of shop windows where prostitutes display their charms to attract the thousands of tourists who stroll through the city. Prostitution in the Netherlands is legal and women who work as prostitutes must pay taxes, social security and city fees similar to those in the Netherlands. Barcelona.

Moving to the Netherlands - Amsterdam

Further advice

If you want to know more about living and working in the Netherlands, don't miss out on our podcast of Expatriates.

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Moving to the Netherlands can be a great opportunity, so we wish you the best of luck and enjoy your adventure in this wonderful country.

Moving to the Netherlands - Amsterdam by night

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