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Price of a move: What does the price of my move depend on?

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Price of a move: Factors influencing the price of a move

There are many reasons why the price of a removal can vary considerably. Removal companies offer different estimates, as the services they offer are, on many occasions, completely different. Even the same company may offer varying prices depending on the services contracted.

The big day has arrived. Now it's time to put everything in boxes and move into our new home with our house in tow. You've probably been through at least one removal in your life and most likely there have been several. If things went well at the time, it is normal to turn to the same one. removal company we have used in the past. After all, why change something that has worked well? But be careful! One of the most common mistakes we make when resorting to the same removal company is to expect the price to be exactly the same as the last transfer. However, even if our belongings are more or less the same and the journey is also the same but in reverse, there are other factors that can make the price of the transfer more or less the same. the price varies considerably.

In order for you to better understand how these companies work and get the best price for your move, it is important that you consider the following factors causing budgets to vary:

  • Volume

Price of a removal - Packing removal boxesMoving companies charge according to the mᶾ to occupy your furniture and furnishingsso the higher the volume, the bigger the budget.

On the other hand, it is practically essential that, in order to be able to carry out a quality job, the removal company should perform a home visit prior to the quotation, as it is not possible to offer a realistic price without seeing the contents to be transported, how the accesses to the home are, whether there is a lift or lift, whether there is a storage room or garage, etc. There are many details to consider and there are companies that offer estimates over the phone or via the Internet at the drop of a hat. But a Movement of goods in the city of Madrid or any other part now Whether in person or virtually, he will always see the contents and check all the details effectively in order to offer the client the best price according to the conditions surrounding the move.

It is also important to know that if you initially indicated an amount to the removal company, but when the removal is carried out, you have added objects that you did not count on, it is logical that the price will increase.

  • Season

As in other sectors such as tourism, in the tourism sector the removals There is a high season and a low season. The high season focuses mainly on the months of summer (especially in June and July) and also in the periods public holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) During these dates the volume of work is usually very high and, as there is greater demand, prices are rising.

The slowest months for removals tend to be January, February and March, i.e. it is the low seasonwhich corresponds to the period in which the companies offer lower prices.

For this reason, the same move with the same content may vary in price if it was not done in the same season.

  • Weekends and/or public holidays

If we need the transfer to take place in end of week, the price will be higher, as operators have to be paid a very high premium for working out of hours, in addition to other logistical aspects that increase budgets.

  • End of the month

The last days of each month are always busier, especially due to the nature of rental contracts. Therefore, there is less availability of means. In other words, it can be more expensive to move at the end of the month than in the intervening weeks.

So, if you have it in your power to avoid these periods tip because you can afford to vary the dates, take this into account in order to achieve a more competitive price.

  • Type of service

It is not the same contracting only the removal of your furnitureYou can choose to have all your belongings packed and placed in your new home. GIL STAUFFERfor example, offers a top quality service where you don't have to do anything at all, but it also adapts to the needs of each client, offering only the transfer without the packaging.

  • Accessibility of housing

Price of a removal - Moving with a forklift truckIf the access is through a street with restricted access or, for example, it does not have a lift, the cost of the removal will be higher. Sometimes, when the time comes to contract the removal, we still don't know where the destination address is going to be. If it turns out to be difficult to access, it is normal for the removal company to charge extra according to the difficulty involved.

  • Exclusive or combined transport

If you opt for a exclusive transportyour furniture will travel in a container The arrival times will be specified at the time of contracting. However, on a combined transportmuch more economical, the container is shared with other customers, but it is more difficult to estimate the exact time of arrival because the transport is contingent on other moves travelling on the same route and this may delay delivery at destination.

  • Distance

It is not the same as a local removalwhich nationalinsular or insular or international. Logically, prices also vary depending on the distance between the home of origin and the destination. Especially in international transfers, prices are also very variable depending on the country of destination and other factors such as taxes, etc.

  • Insurance

Not all policies and coverages are the same. It is very important to check what is included in the insurance in each case to avoid any possible surprises a posteriori. To learn more about this aspect, we recommend reading the following posts:

Other moving tips

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Price of a removal - Moving with a furniture crane

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