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Moving: The stress of moving house. Psychologists speak out

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How can we avoid the stress of moving house?

Moving can be, experts say, one of the most stressful situations in our lives. Not only because it involves dismantling and reassembling a house in its entirety, but also because it involves a change to a new situation that generates high levels of uncertainty.

Especially if the relocation is not voluntary or is accompanied by a separation, a conflict or the reason is economic, stress is generated long before the start of the stressful situation. the either national or international or a International removals.

In this way, the psychologists rank the action of moving among the three most stressful situations for people, given the physical exhaustion and the emotional exhaustion that surrounds a big change such as moving house.

However, there are certain guidelines you can follow in order to make your move a pleasant experience.


The first council offered by the psychologists In this situation, it is dealing with change in a positive way and with the greatest joy possible.

We must therefore, interpreting change as a good thing and, although we leave behind many fond memories, we must also think about all the positive things that the new situation can bring us: new neighbours, perhaps a more welcoming, brighter, more economical house, new decoration, other projects, different experiences, etc. In short, it is necessary to take advantage of the positivism to cope with this change.


When moving house, the most important thing is plan. Ideally, it is best to have three weeks before the move to think about how we are going to pack and move our belongings., especially those to which we feel most attached, as their loss or deterioration could cause a certain sadness..

Thus, planning and order must be the protagonists of our move. We need to plan the steps to be taken and be very clear about where we are going to start. If you are going to do the move yourself, the best thing to do is, once you have started a room, to continue in it until you have packed all its contents.

But in any case, it is best to hire a removal company for the professionals to take care of the transfer and packaging., This greatly reduces nervousness and anxiety about the work to be done. There are companies that pack everything in the old house and place it perfectly in the new one, This will mean that, in terms of effort, we will be virtually unaware that we are moving.


Moving implies a change that we have to deal with in a positive way in our lives; as a growth and a evolution. It is therefore important to take the opportunity to getting rid of all those things we don't usebut which take up a lot of space in the house and take up a lot of energy. Moving house is a very appropriate situation to make a cleaning of all that we have left over.

Feeling accompanied

To avoid the stress of moving houseto be supported by is essential. It is a good time to call our family or friendsto give us a hand with the organisation and even to give their opinion on the decoration of the new home. This will reduce the level of work and also turn this experience into a social event where we will share new experiences with our loved ones. To be able to count on the opinion and the recommendations of people close to us, can always help us to solve difficult situations that, due to certain circumstances, we find it difficult to face.

Healthy living

Another key piece of advice from psychologists is to take a holistic approach to the healthy eating y take care of ourselves at all levels. It is true that we should do this every day of our lives but, during the days when we are carrying out a removalis vital. It is best to respect the eating and sleeping schedulessleep 8 hours a day and eat a balanced diet.

In addition, if we plan the move in advance, we can always take some time to take short breaks every day so that we can continue to enjoy leisure time. This will help us to release tensions and oxygenate ourselves properly.

First and foremost, patience must become our best friend. Moving can bring millions of attractive changes to our lives.. Don't forget that change is not always bad, but in most cases it helps to leave behind a chapter of our life and start a new one that can turn into a wonderful adventure.

How to prevent stress when moving house? Take note of these tips

The removals and changes in the home often lead to stress and tension, especially between partners or family members. But, to combat this, we must make an effort to be understanding, have affinity, common sense and reach an understanding by making a team between all the members.

We know it is difficult to fight against stress when a new removal. It is something that few people can free themselves from. It is a change in our lives that disturbs people's emotional sphere because, in the end, it is our lives that are being moved. It is all the belongings we have accumulated over the course of our lives and we may have to face a certain amount of chaos, because it may happen that what seemed to take up little space before turns out to be a never-ending pile of belongings when the time comes. But we just have to organise ourselves to make this change a positive one.

Do you know how to deal with moving house without affecting your partner or family? Take note of these tips to avoid problems:

A new house to decorate, a new neighbourhood to discover, unknown itineraries... These are all unknowns that can create a certain amount of anxiety. But.., we must not allow agitation to take possession of us and it is essential to see all these circumstances in a positive light.. It is essential to reflect on the advantages Instead of the inconveniences and take some preventive measures so that the transition does not become traumatic.

Preventing stress when moving house - Happy Couple

The positive energy is paramount in organising a change of address.

Dealing with the management of feelings is essential to take the stress out of moving house. So, to avoid this, we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Adopt appropriate behaviour in the face of relocationWhether you move by choice or not, take a pro-benefit attitude and smile at the change and the circumstances of the new life you are about to enjoy. That way you will see things from a better perspective and that will help you to organise yourself better.
  • Plan ahead for the moveThe best thing to do is to start organising it a month and a half in advance. This will give you time to think about which items to take with you and which to exclude.
  • Hire a expert removal company. The removal companies have specialist workers, adapted transports and the necessary tools and equipment to assemble and dismantle furniture. This ensures that everything arrives in good condition and avoids physical discomfort.
  • Write down everything you have to do: Make a list to plan pending actions and cross off completed tasks. Manage the relevant aspects, such as making sure that electricity, gas or electricity supplies are connected. telephony. If this is not the case, you will need to contact the trading company and process the changes of ownership or new registrations if there is no supply at the new address.
  • Pamper yourself and disconnect: It's not all about packing and sealing or unpacking and unsealing boxes. It is essential that you seek a certain refuge for disconnection, even if it is only for a short time. Take advantage of those moments of relaxation to do entertaining things, such as going to see a film, taking a walk in the park, etc. It is important that you relax in order to minimise stress, taking your mind off the burden of the stress of the day for a few moments. removal. You can also delight in decorating your new home.

Further advice

If you leave your city to move to a different one, we recommend that you also read these other tips about the advantages of moving to another city.

And if you have petstake note of these recommendations to reduce animal stress during transport.

If, in addition, you wish to choose a specialist company to plan and carry out your removal with as little stress as possible, contact as soon as possible with GIL STAUFFER. We will help you through the whole process with the utmost dedication.

Stress and relaxation

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