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Moving in summer What to consider when moving in summer?

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Moving in summer: Advantages, disadvantages and tips for moving in summer

If you are planning to move house in the summer, there are a number of things you should bear in mind. Take note of these tips and recommendations so that your move goes smoothly, because, whatever the reason for your move, one of the most important aspects is proper organisation.

Advantages of moving in summer

  • Summer is the time of year when most people move. The reason is very simple: there are usually holidays  and many people take advantage of their summer holidays to organise their move, with all the details involved in a relocation. Especially if there are renovations involved, it is a time of year that gives us the advantage of having more days off to dedicate to moving home.
  • The schools and colleges The students do not have to interrupt their studies, thus minimising the potential stress of classes and exams.
  • With the days off, you can organise everything more calmly and also take the opportunity to getting to know the new neighbourhood with excitement and in more detail, so that our change of life can be more pleasant.
  • The good weather and the free time make it easier for us to go out, for example, to choose new furniture, furnishing materials or accessories with greater dedication and care.

Moving in summer - Advantages of moving in summer - Heart and sunshine

Disadvantages of moving in summer

  • Being high seasonIt is more difficult to arrange dates with removal companies and prices can be higher than at other times of the year.
  • The high temperatures The summer heat can make us more tired to organise our things, but if we take advantage of the air conditioning or go for a refreshing swim from time to time, everything will go smoothly. For the movers, though, the work is always harder when it's very hot.
  • During the summer months the traffic The number of people on the road increases considerably during the holidays and in some places this may make transport difficult.

Tips for moving in summer

  • Please note that summer is the peak season for removals servicesIf you don't hurry up, you may incur the uncomfortable overbookingThis is when the companies in the sector are most active. Therefore, it is best to ask for a quote as soon as possible. Gil Stauffer offers these quotations free of charge and without obligation, so hurry up and set your dates as soon as possible.
  • Find out if in your new building it is allowed to take furniture up in the lift or if there is a forklift. With regard to the accessibility of the property, if there are any objections, you should point this out during the inspection visit prior to the move in order to avoid problems later.
  • Keep in mind also that a move is a good time to make cleaningSo select things you don't want to take with you (furniture, clothes, etc.) and donate, give away or take them to the clean point. You will reduce the cost of the removal, as an important factor in making the budget is the volume of the goods to be moved.

Summer removals - Getting rid of old items - Outdated room

  • If you have furniture and belongings that you do not wish to take with you to the destination address, but do not intend to dispose of them either, find out about our furniture storage service. It is a very practical solution when you are short of space at your destination, when you have to do some building work, when some furniture does not match your current decoration or, simply, in case you prefer to keep it for some sentimental reason.
  • Think about the moving day and the the day after. Set aside and have at hand the next day's clothes, a towel, bed linen and all your important belongings (personal documents, jewellery, deeds, money, etc.).
  • One day earlierunplug appliances and empty the fridge.
  • When the operators start to pack, you can ask them to pack the winter clothing and accessories at the beginning and mark the contents of those boxes with a felt-tip pen. That's the last thing you'll need when unpacking in your new home.
  • See park your car the day before in front of your house so that, at the time of the move, you have it close by in case you want to take certain items with you. We, for our part, will ask for the permits We have to make the necessary arrangements with the City Council to park our vehicles as close as possible to the access to the house.
  • Think beforehand about where you want to place your furniture and your things in your new home. This way, our employees will set it up for you.

Other useful tips related to a move

Here are some other recommendations that may be useful when moving house:

If you want to see more tips for before, during and after your moveclick hereand if you moving is international, check these recommendations.

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Finally, we wish you a successful summer move and a great celebration with your friends and family in your new home.

Moving in summer - Celebrating in the new home


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